Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Diva challenge #237

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. 

I have only had my blog going for a couple of weeks but have already received hundreds of page views as well as some lovely comments. Your comments and page views have given me confidence in my drawing skills and encourage me to keep exploring drawing.

This week's challenge was to use a stencil to create the string. I found this challenging in two ways. One was to create a mess, when Zentangle is such a mess-free medium.  Here's my messy kitchen bench. What you don't see in the photo are my blue-green stained fingers (my spray bottles didn't spray so I had to blot with cotton swabs)..

The second challenging aspect of this challenge was the actual tangling. I found it hard to decide whether to tangle the coloured or white spaces, and to decide what tangles to use. I quite liked to unadorned, stencilled tiles, so choosing how to add to them was quite difficult.

Below is the tile I'm most happy with.

This tile uses waves, barber pole and elements of zenith in black ink. Then crescent moon, tipple, random squiggly lines, random straight lines and auras in metallic gold gel pen. Finally, I added fading/ shading (?) with a white pencil.  

Here are the other tiles I made today.

If you've been to the home page of my blog you will see that the photo of the week is a photo of my cat Dobby. Dobby passed away a few days ago from kidney cancer. 

Below is an opus tile I created last night for him. It's titled 'Thanks for the memories". The tangles I used were verdigogh, shattuck, oke and Luv-a.  I didn't use a string, except as a guide to keep verdigogh neat. 

Thanks for viewing this page.

Miss L


Suzanne Fluhr said...

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your dear Dobby. I realize that our furry family members are just that, members of our family, so their loss is keenly felt even if it's "time". Coincidentally, another Zentangle friend just lost their family cat after 23 years and she too consoled herself with a special tangled composition.

Your stenciled works for this week's Diva's challenge are quite lovely. I think you used just the right amount of color too.

PS: People might have trouble finding your response to challenge #237 on your blog because you linked to your post from last week. I typed "237" in the search box in order to find it. I don't know much about the blogger template you are using, but if you can find a way for the link to "Home" to be at the top, rather than the bottom of the page, that might help people with navigation. I don't know if there's a way for you to edit the link on the Diva's challenge page. I suppose you could just do a new entry.

Ilse said...

These are 4 beautiful Diva tiles! Love the composition and colors.

Susan said...

Your 4 tiles are lovely, especially top right. Your tile for Dobby is a beautiful memorial. So sorry for your loss.

Rose O' Keefe said...

Fabulous tiles :-)

Charlotte Carpentier said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Dobby. Your Opus dedication of him is amazing. And I do adore all your attempts at being messy. I, too, struggle with what tangles to use once I have stenciled some really cool tiles, and they sometimes sit for a long period after I have a "spray party" and make a few. Thanks for taking me up on this challenge.

Margaret Blank said...

I think the mess paid off, don't you? All very pretty tiles and all very nicely drawn.

Anne's tangle blog said...

A lovely tribute to Dobby, always a hard thing in our lives to loose a pet.
I love your tile and the colors; there is great contrast in it.

Michele Wynne said...

So very sorry for the loss of your Dobby. Your dedication piece is absolutely stunning. I love your Diva tile and the other painted pieces. Those muted colors are really lovely.

Sigrid said...

Such lovely tiles, all of them. And I feel with you for the loss of your beautiful cat. I am sure she was a great companion.