Saturday, 19 September 2015

What's for dinner?

Today, being Saturday, I decided to cook something that takes a bit of time. I'm also enjoying having an oven that works properly, so my thinking was around using the oven. 

My initial idea was to do a basic roast chicken. That idea lasted until I didn't get to the shops till nearly 4pm and could no longer be bothered with doing a roast. Plus, when I make a roast chicken I usually make quite a bit of mess or create a lot of washing up. As I'd already done that once today (see what I made for dessert!), I went for something simpler.

So, tonight's dinner was tarragon chicken with roast potato and sweet potato and lovely spring green beans. Dessert was chocolate brownie and berry cheesecake stack. 

This is the dessert. The recipe is from the latest Taste magazine. It has layers of hazelnut brownie, and two layers of white chocolate cheesecake. The pink layer has raspberry puree while the white layer has whole raspberries. 

The dessert tasted wonderful. However, it was very, very filling. None of us could manage more than half our helping. Each 'slice' was about an eighth of the cake, and the cake was made in a 20cm square tin. So, I wasn't overly generous.

I've never attempted a dessert like this. I was a bit nervous when I took the tin out of the fridge. Who knew what was going to be uncovered?

Now for the mains, the tarragon chicken. The method with this was simple and something I've picked up from watching cooking shows but have never tried.

I quickly browned whole chicken breasts in a pan. The browned chicken breasts went into a pyrex dish.  Each breast was topped with a generous amount of finely chopped fresh tarragon and butter. 

The chicken breasts then went into a moderate to hot oven. I covered the dish with some Glad Bake to prevent the meat drying out. I turned the chicken half way through cooking and basted with the melted butter and tarragon. When almost cooked, I sliced the chicken, returned it to the dish and drizzled on some verjuice and put back in the oven for about 5 minutes. 

Two whole chicken breasts comfortably served 4 adults. I served it with roast potato and sweet potato and beans. Delish.

My friends enjoy my cooking. They also know how much I enjoy cooking. Some have suggested I audition for shows such as Master Chef. 

I can't see myself on TV, acting maybe but not cooking on it. Cooking as a competitive sport does not appeal to me although Master Chef is a long time favourite program of mine and a source of inspiration in my kitchen.

The biggest hurdle is that I don't have a 'food dream', which seems to be as much or more of a pre-requisite for these shows as is the ability to cook.

No, I'm content cooking for family and friends and, now, sharing my food on this blog.

If anyone knows any food blogging sites that I could read, please let me know through the comments section.  I'm also open to advice on taking better photos of my food. 


Miss L

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