Monday, 28 September 2015

ZIA fence art instructions


  • recycled cupboard door or picture frames
  • thin MDF or other backing board
  • white exterior paint
  • paint pens
  • spray sealant.

Last week the Diva challenged her followers to tangle on something different. I received lots of lovely feedback on my efforts as well as questions about how to create the ZIA fence art.

This is the ZIA that I'm referring to.

The design for this piece was inspired by a design in Rick and Maria's gallery on their Zentangle website. I created 3 pieces over a couple of days. Here they are.

The materials I used were all inexpensive and easy to obtain. The frames are cupboard doors that I purchased from my local recycling centre. I took the glass front off and gave the frames a clean with a damp cloth.

The backing board is made from 2mm thick MDF. This is a strong, inexpensive reconstituted wood product that I bought from my local hardware store. A $6 sheet was more than enough for all three doors.

I cut the boards to size then painted them with several coats of a standard exterior white paint.

I then followed the usual process for drawing, using strings and selecting tangles. The pens I used were Liquitex paint markers. I purchased them from my local art store. I chose them over Sharpie markers as I thought they would be more durable outside.

Finally, I sealed the artworks with 2 coats of a spray sealer. I used a spray sealer rather than a paint-on sealer because the spray dealer didn't make the design run or blur.

I don't know how permanent the artworks are going to be. That's not important. At the moment the artworks are providing visual interest to an otherwise grey fence. 

Here are some more ZIA fence art that I'm yet to hang.

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful or if it has inspired you to create your own outdoors ZIA. 


Miss L

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