Saturday, 5 September 2015

Framz - a new tangle for me

Today I taught myself a new tangle. It's called 'Framz' and I found it in my Tangle Guide which is an ebook I purchased from 

This book and website are my main reference sources. I use them to find new tangles to learn and to remind myself how to draw tangles that I haven't used for a while. The website links to the step outs of a tangle, which is then followed by some examples of how to use it.  I often use the examples as a guide as I practice, learn and experiment with new tangles.

Anyway ..... Here's my play with Framz.

One of the wonderful things about Zentangle is that mistakes or not-turning-out-as-I-expected-oh-dear-it-looks-a-mess is that the art form is forgiving. A good example is the tile which has Framz used a frame. 

This tile did not work as expected. I added the curly edges to each frame, as I'd seen in Tangle Patterns. The curly edges looked good in the book but not here. So I added a little bit of colour. The colour makes it less busy somehow. The very simple Auraknot in the middle also draws my eye away from the bits I don't really like.

Earlier this week I played with strings, or rather one string. 

Here we have one string four ways.

My favourite of the four versions is the top left, which is Purk and Florz. I'm also happy with the top right which is Bales surrounded by all time favourite Flux. 

The point of Zentangle is the doing, not the done. The process, not the product. This is something I have to work on. It is easy to be critical of yourself. Much harder to be forgiving and accepting. On this blog you will many examples of work that I'm not happy with. I'll share the work any way.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. 


Miss L

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