Sunday, 20 September 2015

Opus tile with teapot

My obsession with teapots continues with another Opus tile featuring a teapot. 

This my second opus tile with teapot. This time I made the teapot larger. The bowl of the teapot is actually stuck on over the top of a complete mess I made underneath.

Have you ever had the experience in art where a piece is almost finished and you add a final touch, but that touch ruins the whole thing? It's a bit like skiing and deciding to do one final run. That final run, if you do do it, is the one where you are most likely to injure yourself.  At least with Zentangle I can cover the mistake.

The teapot comprises printemps, knightsbridge and arrowheads with quibs used as the steam. The surrounds, starting bottom left, are arukas, wist, tagh, finery, tripoli and rixty. There's also boarder of something like a chain that I found in some artwork by Shelly Beauchamp (CZT). 

One of the many things I learnt from Shelly was how to link tangles. The rixty and wist coming out of arukas is something I've seen in Shelly's as-yet-unpublished book. Shelley also does lovely, even tripoli. I'm yet to get mine as even as hers. Check out Shelly's blog at:

This weekend the Husband and I went for a drive to Yass. We'd won a gift voucher for a nursery there so made an afternoon of visiting the town. We had lunch, wondered down the main street, bought some plants and ventured into an antique/ brick-a-brack store. There I found a couple of teapots.

I found one and was about to pay for it when the shop owner asked if I'd seen this other one like it. I bought both.

So tacky but charming too. 

One last photo is an unexpected find in my travels. The Husband and I were travelling around Tasmania last year. I chose our accommodation in Launceston. The building dated from about 1850, so suited our interest in colonial history and buildings with a bit of character.

The photo is of the breakfast room in the Old Bakery Inn B & B. 

These are just a couple of the many, many unique and quirky teapots on show in this room. I'm on the hunt for my own.

Enjoy and keep drawing.

Suggestions for what to include on this blog are welcome.

Miss L

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