Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Today I'm......

Today I am:

  • Finally getting my voice back after over two weeks of laryngitis. This is not a great illness to have when you are a teacher. Two days off work and not talking much has helped.
  • Feeling good for my friend who has just won a permanent position at my school. 
  • Enjoying having a working oven again. Ours died about 6 weeks ago. It was 14 years old so time to go?
  • Enjoying eating the triple choc cookies that daughter Moo made in the new oven. I could only have one but "I don't have a sweet tooth" husband had two.
  • Enjoying the spring weather.
  • Not enjoying the start of hay fever season. 
  • Continuing to binge-watch Scrubs. It is a moderately funny US sitcom set in a hospital. Not very original but easy watching. Husband and I watch a couple of episodes each night. Nothing worth watching on free TV.
  • Continuing to read Terry Pratchett's Disc World novels. I'm currently reading 'Going Postal'. As soon as I finish this book I'll read 'The Shepherd's Crown' which has recently been published.

A note about Sir Terry Pratchett
  • Pratchett's Disc World novels are my favourite books.
  • I have been re-reading them solidly since Pratchett died a few months ago as homage to his work.
  • While I love the Disc World novels, I just can't get into any of his other works. I also struggle with the Disc World for younger reader books. 
  • I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend Spud who introduced me to these books many, many years ago.

Today's tangles

I didn't feel up to drawing today. Instead, I stuck a lot of finished tiles in my display book. The photo below is a collection of small squares mono-tangles that I finally stuck on card board. I created the squares after seeing a display of tiles at a Nandos store. Inspiration can come from unexpected places.

Miss L


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