Monday, 14 September 2015

Opus tile with teapot

Today I created an opus tile that I'm happy with. It features one of my favourite motifs, which is a teapot.

The photo doesn't show it but the teapot is sitting about 2mm off the tile, using little foam blocks. Next time I'll make the teapot bigger. I'm pleased with the overall effect though. I enjoyed the process, which is main thing in Zentangle anyway.

Your thoughts? I appreciate comments on my blog and I try to reply. 

Why the teapot?

I like tea. I drink it most days - black, no sugar, and a splash of cold water to bring the temperature down a notch. Can't stand coffee. 

I drink regularly from a selection of about several black teas (Prince of Wales, Earl Grey Blue Flower, and some Assam teas). Then there's another 8 or more teas that I drink occasionally (black tea with chocolate, vanilla, Monk pear, and a tea called Stockholm Blend fall into this category). 

My tea collection includes teapots. I love their shape and how artists/designers play with this basic shape and function. Pictured below are a few of my teapots. Each has a story or memory associated. 

Since learning to Tangle, I've played with teapots as a motif. Pictured below is a large framed collection of mono-tangled teapots that I created for a friend. One day I will tangle an actual porcelain teapot, when I find the right materials to use. 


Miss L

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