Thursday, 1 October 2015

New books, more inspiration

Something wonderful arrived in the mail this week, a week earlier than expected. It was a box of new Zentangle books that I'd ordered online from 

The authors of the books are all CZTs. That's my way of quality control. 

The book I was most interested in was the 500 Tangled Artworks by Beckah Krahula. I'd read a review of this book on a blog somewhere, and I already use her earlier book, One Zentangle a Day. The other books just came along for the ride as I was already committed to paying a certain amount of postage. 

The book Let's Tangle is one suited to beginners or to people like myself who have gaps in their knowledge and skill. I've been experimenting with some of the tangles and the techniques. For instance, I played around with perfs, which is something I've seen in other people's work but not used myself.

Last night I was flicking through 500 Tangled Artworks. The book is filled with the most beautiful, intricate, delicate artwork. Some is surprisingly simple. Other pieces will require a magnifying glass so I can better understand and appreciate the detail that has gone into them.

As expected, this book had my brain firing with ideas for artworks that I would like to create. 

Here is my first work inspired by an image from this book, image number 256.

My  ZIA is called 'Laces'. It was made on A4 artists acrylic paper. The tangles include: Hollibaugh, Tagh, Crescent Moon, Rixty, Dex and a tangellation of Tipple.

My intention was to create a 3D effect and to lead your eye over the piece.

Enjoy. Remember, comments are always welcome.

Miss L

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