Friday, 9 October 2015

Let's Tangle by Kathleen Murray

Today's blog post is about what I've been doing this week and the Zentangles that I've drawn.

Last week I received some lovely books in the mail. One of them was Let's Tangle by Kathleen Murray, CZT.

This week I've been working on tiles in Kathleen's book. Kathleen has set out her book with simple, clear instructions, with examples, followed by pages for you to practice what she has just taught. 

I don't normally write or draw in books, even when given the space to do so. This time I making an exemption because my stocks of Zentangle tiles are running low! The unexpected benefit is that my drawing is free-er and I'm experimenting more.

So far, I'm up to page 54 and I have only learnt one new tangle. That's OK because I'm playing with tangles that I'm familiar with, using different combinations, strings and enhancements. 

This page is all about enhancing your tangles with Perfs. I've tried out two radically different strings (radical for me, anyway). My favourite is the one of the top right.

This page is an introduction to Hollibaugh. On this page I wanted to experiment with different ways of presenting this tangle as it one that I've been using since first learning Zentangle. Again, my favourite is at the top right. I like the 3D effect, which is more prominent on this photo on my blog than in real life in my book.

A request - does anyone know Kathleen Murray's web address or blog? I've searched and not found it. I really like her work, as shown in this book, so imagine what her web site would be like.

I've been on school holidays for the last two weeks and I've tangled nearly every day. I hope to maintain this practice when school returns next week.

Health, fitness and weight loss

I have a long term goal of losing weight. Mini goals are to exercise every day, drink more water and eat more veg. Does a cronut count towards any of this?

Cronuts are a decadent cross between a croissant and a donut. These ones were salted caramel. Mmmmm. They weren't all for me and I didn't buy them. My beautiful daughter, Moo, bought them  - one for her brother, one for herself and one for me. 

Can't believe I'm saying this but they are too sweet. However, there are plenty of other delicious goodies at this cafe. The cafe is only a short drive from where Moo is studying at uni. She can surprise me with something else next time. 

On a serious note, I have been either walking or using the elliptical trainer every day during these hols. I've been able to extend my time on the machine from 10 to 20 minutes. And today I walked with a friend for 7.5 kms. 

We walked through part of Canberra Nature Park. We saw lots of kangaroos, several wallabies, a shingle-backed lizard and two echidnas.

This was the first time that K had seen one outside a wildlife park. We are so lucky in Canberra to have all this wildlife minutes from our doors. 

A milestone

I am excited to announce that I have received over 1,000 page views of my blog. I've been blogging for only a couple of weeks and now people are reading my posts.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Comments are very welcome. 

This Zentangle community is pretty amazing.

Miss L

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