Saturday, 17 October 2015

It's a string thing #114

I've started looking for online Zentangle challenges in addition to my regular attempts at what The Diva sets each week.

I got the idea for this by visiting the pages of people who regularly visit and comment on my blog. I'm talking about you Annie in the Netherlands, The Yorkshire Tortise in Ireland and Devin in the USA.

This week I found the blog "It's a string thing" (see link on my home page).

The challenge was to use a particular string and incorporate the tangles Ahh, Ta-Da and Teenos. While I'm familiar with Ahh, the other tangles are new to me.

It took me a couple of tries to get something I like. The first attempt will remain in my tangle folder as it was too busy and the interesting elements of the new tangles got lost.

Here's my second attempt.

My next attempt was better. I used a combination of crescent moon and tipple in the tricky circle space in the string and was restrained in my use of the other tangles.

Hopefully this tile messes with your eyes. I like to make people's eyes move over my work, whether they want to or not, and to create 3D effects. Remember that I still consider myself a beginner at this form of art as I've only been learning it for just over 12 months.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Miss L

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