Thursday, 22 October 2015

Diva challenge #240 - birthday leaves

This week's Diva challenge was inspired by the Autumn leaves falling in the Diva's home in central Canada. She suggested that those of us in the southern hemisphere use whatever leaves we see during spring.

I chose to use a basic gum leaf pattern as the string.  I live in Canberra, Australia, which is known as the Bush Capital. We are surrounded by bushland, which I love. Gum trees are everywhere here, and are out flower at the moment. Walking in the bush is like walking near a honey factory, supposing honey factories actually smell of honey ?

Renaissance tiles are my favourite. I like how they take up the white highlights.

This tile didn't work well until I added the internal border. Is that what you call what I did? 

This last tile, my ZIA tangles gum leaf, is an example of using a mistake to inspire creativity. The tile was my first attempt at this project, with the second attempt pictured above it. The gum nuts were a mess and far too heavy in comparison with the leaves. Instead of tossing out the tile, I cut off the bad bits and went looking for some scrap-booking paper to stick the good bits on. Then I found more odds and ends of paper and ribbon and added them. I think I'll play with this idea some more.

This week I'm

  • getting very busy at school as we prepare for reports and for get out planning underway for 2016.
  • getting slightly worried at how fast the term is flying by
  • enjoying teaching a poetry unit to my classes. Love to see students having fun reading poetry to each other.
  • being happy that The Good Wife is back for another season. This is THE BEST drama on TV.
  • getting paranoid about seeing my doctor tomorrow. It's time to get referrals for my annual cancer scans. Plus I've nearly fainted a few times this week. Anything unusual health-wise ALWAYS makes me feat that this could be cancer returning.

Happy tangling.

Miss L


Susan said...

These are lovely. The second has a beautiful grace to it. Hope your dr. visit went well.

Margaret Blank said...

Well I hope you are reassured now and that the cancer scare has receded into the background. I love it when people show how pieces have developed and evolved and these are exceptional.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Great set of tiles! Love your solution to the one you didn't like!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful tiles, all of them. I especially like the third one and yes, the internal border gives a special and interesting touch to it.

Anne's tangle blog said...

By now, your visit to your doctor is already history; I do hope all was/is well.
I like all your tiles, very beautiful.
I would like to know if my comment ever reach you, because I get a 'delivery failure' message all the time after commenting on your blog.