Friday, 30 October 2015

It's a string thing #116

I'm continuing to explore the challenges of 'It's a string thing'.

This week the string and tangles were inspired by Halloween and Candy Corn. The string we were challenged to use was TanglePatterns String #095 while the tangles were Chartz, Cadent, Cracked, and Confettus.

Below is my first attempt.

I'm not used to tangling using busy strings like this one, so I decided to go bigger. Below is what I completed today.

The paper is A4 sized 220 gsm drawing paper that I purchase from my local art store. I added colour using water colour pencils. I feel proud of the restraint I showed in not filling the space with strings and for keeping white space within the strings. I have a tendency to overwork pieces like this.


Miss L

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