Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Diva challenge #238 - Tri-bee

Before I get into this week's Diva challenge I'm going to show you my latest exercise fad. It's an exercise machine. Gasp loudly here if you'd like.

I bought myself an elliptical training machine thing. It was second hand and very cheap. The machine sits on our deck, so doesn't take space inside the house.

Why subject myself to this torture? Well, I need to lose weight. Other people looking at my photo may be generous and say there's no problem. But I know what I used to weigh in the past and I know what fitness activities I was capable of in the not-too-distant past. 

The impetus to get the machine and start exercising regularly came from seeing photos of myself during the days when Dobby got sick and died. What was once muscle, particularly upper body, is now flab. I decided it was time to exercise my feelings instead of eating them.

My aim is to use the machine everyday. By making this public on my blog, I'm trying to add some accountability to my aim. 

Here's me and my machine. Notice the stylish footwear - socks and Crocs! 

And now to today's Diva challenge. The Diva introduced us to the tangle Tri-bee.

Here's what I came up with.

Tri-bee, Tipple, Static, and Printemps
Tri-bee, Finery, Shattuck

Tri-bee, Jetties and random swirling lines.

Tri-bee, Enmingle and Tipple. 
While I am pleased with my efforts this morning, I'm more satisfied with the process.

This wonderful method of drawing we use has the word Zen in it for a reason. This morning's challenge put me into a place of calm where I was able to put aside my worries and focus on producing some art, one stroke at a time.

I hope you like the results.

Miss L


Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, I love your tiles and especially the first one. I think the open space her really makes is spectacular. Success with the weight loss, I did loose 11,5 kg last year and sine then I feel so much better (not to speak of the pleasure to buy all new clothes).

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Wonderful Tri Bee Tiles. I particularly like the one with hints of blue in it. I wish you well with your aim of exercising, I shall check back in to see how you are doing !

Jean Chaney said...

Good for you! It's so hard to take the time to keep ourselves fit. Great start and I'll be rooting for you (safely seated on my soft sofa with a bag of chips LOL!). Your tiles are gorgeous!

LonettA said...

All are very lovely! Especially I like the first one with the touch of blue!

TarkheenaCrafts said...

These are all beautiful. Love the shooting star idea!

Chrissie Frampton said...

What a wonderful set of tiles. Very nice.

devin said...

OMG, between the lovely tiles and the exercising, you've been busy. Love all of them.

Simone said...

All your tiles are beautiful! I like most th last one with the white areas.

Antonine Koval said...

Wow, you worked this tangle like a dog with a bone! I especially love the spiky one with the bits of blue. But then there is that space pineapple with curves where there should be spikes and spikes where there should be curves. Must you mess with my mind so? Ha!

The Creative Miss L said...

I like to mess with people's heads and eyes when I tangle. Glad you enjoyed it.