Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Diva #242

Before I share my Diva tiles I have a health update.

Health update

The reason for the new level of tiredness is that I have Whooping Cough. This was picked up in a blood test and nasal swab that my GP sent me to have last Friday.

The results of blood tests that I'd had done earlier in the week showed that my white blood cell count was low so I needed more tests to find out why.

There could still be other things going on. That's the problem with having had cancer in the past, there are so many things that can come back to bite you later on. Stress also has a big part to play.

I had my annual cancer scans yesterday and get the results of them tomorrow. Hopefully nothing bad.

So, Whooping Cough. Without the cough. Without any noticeable rise in temperature or any other symptoms.

At least there is a reason for the tiredness and a pill to treat it - antibiotics for two weeks and one week off work.

Due to the week off work, expect to see a lot of tangling on this blog.

The Diva Challenge

This week we were given the new tangle Gourdgeous. I'd seen this in an email from Rick and Maria but had not been tempted to try it. Like other Tanglers (hello Yorkshire Tortoise), the realism of the tangle doesn't appeal to me as much as the more abstract tangles. Still, I gave it a shot.

Here's my first attempt, a black page taken from a sketch book.

The tile has Gourdgeous, Keeko and a tangellation of Zander. The Zander tangellation is something you will see Shelley Beauchamp use quite a lot. Check out her blog and her new book.

My next tile is my favourite. I thought I'd let myself go a bit with the tangle and found that I quite like the fluidity of the shape.

This tile features Gourdgeous, Meer, Shattuck and Golven. I used chalk-pastels to add colour to the tile. This is a technique and tool that I've recently started playing with. The pastels blend very well and I have a lot of control, more so than with the water colour pencils I've used in the past.

My last tile is simple. It features Gourdgeous and Yah, with chalk-pastel shading.

And to finish ...

Here's some ZIA that I made recently. The object is about 30cm or 12 inches tall. 

This was the first time I've drawn on a 3D bumpy surface. Not easy. I am very pleased with the results.

Comments on this blog

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Miss L


MySpecialist said...

You know that tile that's your favourite here, it's mine too. That's not to say I don't like all your other pieces here :)

Anne's tangle blog said...

Indeed, tangling on a bumpy object is far from easy. It's GREAT!!!!! I do like your tiles, the last two are my favorites. Like you this new tangle is not a favorite of mine.
I thought that Whooping Cough was something that only children could get, unfortunately for you we can too. Hope the result of your scan is OK.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Oh dear, sorry about your whooping cough. At least you are not actually coughing, that might have put a lot of bumps into your tangle lines! Hope you are better soon, at least you found the cause, You have achieved a very good Gourdgeous. Your stems particularly are much better than mine and the composition. I must try finer stems. Oh, how I love love love your manikin. Is it drawn directly onto it, or did you cover it with something first? (Your Hello YT comment made me laugh :-)

The Creative Miss L said...

The manikin was covered in brown paper when I bought it. I then painted it white and black with acrylic paint. I used 02 Sakura pens for the design plus a thicker pen for the larger filled sections. The manikin cost about $5 from a craft store. Tomorrow I'm going to tangle a teapot so watch this space.

Joanne Faherty said...

I love your black tile and the tanglation of zander haven't seen it that way before. The chalk-pastels look fun to use

Ulrike B. said...

very nice work, your zia ist awesome

The Creative Miss L said...

I learnt the Zander tangellation from Michele Beauchamp. A link to her blog is on my list of blogs I follow. She has recently published a short book. I use this book regularly for inspiration and for ideas of how to link tangles.

Devin said...

OMG, I had Whooping Cough as an adult. It went on for nearly a year (because it was undiagnosed) and by the time my doctor and I realized what it was, it was on its way out. I was exhausted the whole year! May that be the only thing wrong for you, and may the antibiotics wipe it out.

Love the tiles!

The Creative Miss L said...

Unfortunately the Whooping Cough won't explain all the fatigue. The everyday level is cancer related - my GP confirmed that for me. I am hopeful that the antibiotics will at least get my energy levels back to where they were a couple of months ago. I also found out that you need to get boosters against Whooping Cough even as an adult and even if you've had it as an adult. The things you learn!

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

All are wonderful! Especially I like the first tile with Gourdgeous!