Sunday, 15 November 2015

It's a string thing #118

I've been attempting Adele's "It's a string thing" challenge for a couple of weeks now. I also regularly do the Diva's challenges.

The benefit of doing the challenges is that they both extend my skills, usually by introducing me to tangles, strings or techniques that I've not used or combined before.

The difference between the two challenges is that you can see straight away what other Diva participants do whereas you have to wait a week to see the other String Thing tiles.  With the Diva, I can get ideas if I'm stuck before I draw. With the String Thing it all has to come from me and my head.

Both are well worth doing.

I keep a folder on my desk top called Inspirations. It's where I copy images from both challenges that I like or feel inspired by. I've also learnt to rename the files with something meaningful. I'll call a file 'cadent variation' or 'great shading' instead of IMG_1234.jpg like I used to.

The next step will be to view this folder, get ideas and get drawing but....

My excuse is that at the moment I'm enjoying working through Kathleen Murray's Let's Tangle. 

My tiles for this week's challenge

Here I've stayed with the three suggested tangles: Acrosstick, Afterglo and Ahh.

The second tile includes Dex because I think it is similar to Acrosstick.

Have a good week.

Miss L

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