Thursday, 12 November 2015

Let's tangle - Purk

Tonight I have the house to myself. BoyBoy is camping with his school somewhere down the coast while the Husband and Moo are out  watching Australia play Somewhere-istan in the soccer.

I spent the evening watching a bit of telly on Stan (a local version of Netflix). Nice to have the internet all to myself and all the bandwidth I need to stream TV. Then I drew for an hour or so.

I normally listen to Pete Murray while I draw. Tonight I changed to Paul Kelly. Paul Kelly is a prolific singer song writer. I thought I was familiar with a lot of his music. Not so. It has been pleasant getting to know more of his work and hearing the occasional song I recognise.

Both artists are Australian. I have a bit of preference for Australian music artists. I'm currently sharing that love with my students at school as part of our Australian poets, poetry and imagery unit.

But I digress, again.

Below are tonight's drawings. They follow a page from Kathleen Murray's 'Let's Tangle'.

Here's the Let's Tangle drawings from some weeks ago. The focus was Purk. Pepper had featured a page or two before, hence the tile at bottom right.

Now for my trio of drawings this evening. It was all about experimenting.

Enjoy your week.

Miss L

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