Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Zentangle this week

Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm typing this with one hand and one finger. See the story below.

This week my son finished high school/college. Now it's up to him to apply for work as an apprentice. My days of being the mum of school children are now over. 

My daughter got accepted into Honours for next year. This adds another year to her Arts Degree and should help her employment prospects. 

The Husband continues to work ridiculously long hours at a job he loves. 

And for me, only a couple of weeks left of my first year at my new school. It's been a wonderful year but am ready for the summer holidays to come along.

Diva challenge #343: Dewd

I've seen this tangle in the Project Pack series but hadn't got around to trying it. Today was my first attempt. My first includes Ilana and Cadent while my second adds Flux and Printemps. Currently enjoying using white on black.

Other drawing

Over the weekend I spent hours creating my biggest ZIA piece yet. It measures 60 x15 cm. The piece was designed to fit at the end of a bookshelf in my bedroom. The patchwork style backing is made from scrapbooking paper that I cut up and stuck on thick cardboard. The tangles are mostly official tangles from Rick and Maria. I find myself using their tangles more than any others. I also used the Zentangle Primer for inspiration (the name plate page) as well as Opus tiles I've created while working with Shelly Beauchamp.

My hand

Last night I was cutting up some herbs to finish off a pasta dish when I cut my finger. I managed to cut a chunk off. Lots of blood, lots of pain and the beginnings of shock so BoyBoy took me to hospital. Spent today surprisingly worn out from the experience - too tired to even watch TV. Effects of shock maybe? It was a bad cut. 

I did the Diva challenge with some difficulty, with my head not working causing as much difficulty as the hand. Here's me trying to draw.

Bloc Haus

Yesterday BoyBoy spent some quality time together at the bouldering centre. Climbing without ropes is so much fun. 

All my gym work is paying off. Stronger upper body and more confidence in what I can push myself to do. My personal trainer is very proud of me.

BoyBoy is so much stronger (and lighter) than me.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Karen (aka The Creative Miss L)


Ria Matheussen said...

Very funny sportive pics, wonderful that you do that together with your sun.I think it is very good for keeping a good condition.
I wish you a quick recovery of your finger, so you can enjoy the summerhollidays (sounds really weird to me because we had our first snow today)
Absolutely gorgeous Zia work and a very nice Diva tile, my favorite is the black one!
Congrats for your son and let's hope that he 'll find a nice job!!!

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

The rock wall looks like a lot of fun! Your diva tiles are great and I really Love your Zia! Beautiful! Hope that finger heals fast for you!

Michele Wynne said...

I love those sporty pics! All of your work is gorgeous and that opus is amazing 😍

Carmela said...

Lovely Dewd tiles, my favorite is the black on. I hope your finger gets well soon. I know what it is.....sisdors and knifes are also for me dangeres in the kitchen🤣

Anne's tangle blog said...

Poor you, take care of that finger!!!
The Diva tile is beautiful and maybe tangling did do you some good.