Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Tangling this week

This week I've been continuing to play around with the new Zentangle Project Pack. I've been posting my tiles on the Zentangle Mosaic App.

Yesterday I went for my annual cancer scans - chest x-ray, mammogram and ultrasound. I got the all clear, as I hoped and expected. Come early January it will be 11 years since diagnosis. These scans don't get easier, I'm just more practiced at dealing with the stress. 

Diva #342 - duo tangle - Paradox and Bunzo

I love doing duo tangle challenges. I did one tile before I went browsing the work of other people. Mmm. Lots of ideas. Here are my second and third tiles. The third shows how much I'm enjoying white on black at the moment. 

I tried to do similar strings to see how the two tiles would look together. Same same but different?

Zentangle Project Pack

This is tile I created after doing a few of the activities in the pack. The central tangle is just a spiral of orbs with auras. The ribbon is a tangleation of Bales.

Another rock concert

Readers of this blog would notice that I've been seeing lots of bands and other artists lately. Last Friday was probably the best of the lot this year.

The Husband and I saw Midnight Oil at an outdoor concert in Sydney.  This was the final concert in their world tour, finishing in Sydney which is where they started playing together in the late 70s. While the band members are all in their 60s, they play with the energy of much younger men. Powerful stuff. Loved just being there, and the chance to not be stuck in a seat behaving ourselves. 

There were about 22,000 people all dancing and singing (shouting?) and getting into the music. It's pretty incredible experience to be in a crowd that big all joined in screaming out the words to songs we've grown up with/ grown old with. 

Before the support bands came on we had time to sit on the grass and enjoy a meal while getting in some people watching. Here's some photos.

24+ years together and he's still the best looking boy in the crowd.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. Your comments brighten my day.


8 comments: said...

I like the white and the black version too.

Michele Wynne said...

I love your Diva tiles and the spiral one is truly a knockout 😍

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, a very beautiful tile!! And I love the spiral one. But the best part of your post is that all those test were OK!!!!

Lorna said...

Fun tiles, both of them.

ptrish40 said...

These are both amazing! I love how neat the lines in your paradox is.

Ginny Stiles said...

Your first approach is the most striking to me.
And one of the better examples of what to do with this rather challenging challenge.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Two great tiles! Glad you are enjoying the music!

Chrissie Frampton said...

What a wonderful selection of tiles - I love the idea of PP01 warm up with the gold additions. Nice.