Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tangle challenges

Diva #340 - Wibble

I've seen this Tangle before but couldn't make sense of it until I watched The Diva draw it. And how lovely is it to watch Laura draw while she chats about her drawing and her family? When talking about the recent snow fall, she said that it wasn't too cold yet, only minus 17. Not too cold? I cannot imagine what that cold would feel like. But then I guess northern hemisphere people can't imagine what our  summers are like, with days typically above 30 and heat waves of 35+.

Here's my tile. Somehow I managed to draw the inside swirl in one almost continuous line. 

Joey's challenge #190 - 3D cube string and Metal Plating

This one was fun. Will have to remember to use it again.


The Zentangle blog has lots of references to Bijou and his words of wisdom to help us use the Zentangle method properly. I have these words pinned to the noticeboard at my drawing desk.

Recently I was struggling with an inability to stay focussed. I had trouble sitting still, and in doing only one task at a time for long enough to get things done. Sitting at my desk I read some of the Bijou-isms and decided to create a tile featuring some.

I've finished one Opus tile and have almost completed a second. Here's my first. The process of creating this tile made a significant difference to my ability to focus and concentrate over the following days. It was almost like pressing the reset button in my brain.

Other goings on

My son's college (Year 11 and 12) had their annual art exhibition yesterday. My son had several pieces on show, including this one. The object is a ceramic vessel made using coils. The vessel is about 40cm tall. So proud of my Boy.

Last weekend Moo and I travelled up to Sydney to see a drag show. The show featured Drag Queens that have been on Ru Paul's Drag Race. Ru Paul's Drag Race is becoming very popular in Australia and the Queens regularly perform here. 

The performer pictured below is Alaska (season 5 runner up and All Stars season 2 winner). Next week we see Bianca Del Rio in Canberra. Look her up - she is fabulous!

Here's Alaska.

Have a great week and get into some Bijou.

Miss L


Ilse said...

Pretty work!

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Lovely work and you opus tile is great.

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy reading this and your son's artwork is stunning. Takes after mum, no doubt. I don't know how you managed to do that as a continuous line on the Diva tile. It's amazing. Feeling a tad envious of that one.

michele said...

Love that Wibble tile and your Opus is truly a stunner. I love the bijou references because it's so true. I have a tendency toward ADD and have to take a deep breath and focus sometimes. Your son's sculpture is gorgeous!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, another artist in the family: gorgeous work!!! Love both you tiles, well the Opus is not really a tile, but I still love it.

Lily M. said...

Lovely tiles!

Susan Theron said...

Lovely work!