Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fitness freak

This is not a post about Zentangle. Or travel. It's about me getting and being fit.

Recently I went to an indoor rock climbing wall with my son, BoyBoy. For the first time in many, many years I actually climbed instead of just belaying (holding the rope) for someone else, usually BoyBoy.

Then I found out about a new(ish) bouldering centre. Bouldering is rock climbing but without ropes and with less height. Yesterday BoyBoy and I gave it a try. The centre is called Bloc Haus.

Earlier that day I had a session with my personal trainer, Mean Man, at my local gym. Mean Man (I hope you like your pseudonym Mean Man - I never use real names on my blog). I've been seeing Mean Man (MM) for over 6 months for strength and fitness training. As usual, the circuit killed me. There's no point going if it doesn't but boy do those circuits hurt! I swear at MM a lot but he only laughs. He knows I'll have this circuit down by the time I see him the next fortnight.

Anyway, I'd already had a hard session before I went rock climbing/ bouldering.

Here are some photos. I know I look fat and out of shape but at least I was there and giving it a red hot go. The other women there at the time were at least half my age and the oldest of the men was at least 20 years my junior. I may be lumpy but there are muscles under that flab.

The photos feature either myself or BoyBoy.

Go me. 

Miss L

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