Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tangle challenges

It's been a big week here. It's nearing the end of the school year so there lots of marking and school reports to do. Also a few annual medical appointments to get to etc. Busy, busy.

This week my daughter, Moo, had her final exam for her Arts Degree. Waiting to hear whether she's been accepted into the Honours program for next year. And my son, BoyBoy finished his final year of high school. His next step is to find an apprenticeship in a metal-based business. He'll do that while continuing his studies in ceramics in his own time. 

Big changes ahead for both kids and therefore for both parents. Future looks good for all of us.

Diva #341 - Go big or go home

I love that phrase. It is commonly used in Australia as well as, obviously, Canada and the US.

I chose to use an A5 sheet with Sharpie markers and some Inktense coloured pencils. My tangles are two variations of Bales joined with Hollibaugh and what was meant to be 'Nzeppel but it didn't turn out that way.

Zentangle Project Pack 01 

Not sure when Zentangle released this pack of goodies but it was in their online shop when I recently ordered more tiles so bought a Project Pack too. The videos for the pack were released on the weekend.

Since then, I've been madly tangling and posting my artwork on the Zentangle App, as have lots of other people.

You don't need the Project Pack to watch or complete the videos.  As you can see in my Diva tile, I used the Bales videos 1 and 2 in that tile and the pack certainly did not come with Sharpies. 

Here's two of my tiles.

More drawing

Following from the Diva's go big theme, I finished another Opus tile this week. I'm continuing to incorporate Bijouisms into these tiles. I'm finding it to be a very calming series of tiles. For those of you yet to try an Opus tile, they offer a different experience to the usual Zentangle tiles - more space for more tangles, more flow, more freedom and more space for your creativity to take flight. For me, they are an essential part of the Zentangle experience.

Ru Paul and my love of Drag

There is an English saying which is "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt" (see more here). This week I saw another drag show and bought the T-shirt.

The drag queen was Bianca del Rio (look her up) and she is a comedienne. Her humour is nasty and very, very funny. Plus she always looks amazing. Here's me 'modelling' the T-shirt when I got home. The connection to Ru Paul is that Bianca won Ru Paul's Drag Race a few years ago. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Love the diva challenge tile and the opus tile is just beautiful!

Michele Wynne said...

Gorgeous work! I love that picture of you in that Fab T-shirt 😉

Anne's tangle blog said...

Glad life is good for your family! The Diva 'tile' is beautiful and the zendala is one I keep looking at!!

Betsy Wilson CZT said...

The color in your BIG tile is gorgeous! And by the way, I can see 'NZeppel trying to come out....just a couple more rounded corners but then it would be obvious and that's not as fun, right? Your project tiles are beautiful too. Looks like you're having a good time! So enjoy!