Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tangle challenges

Thanks to all those lovely people who commented on my blog this week. I think that's a record number of comments for me. Comments make my day and inspire me to keep Tangling.

Diva #300

What an amazing, incredible milestone that the Diva has reached with this week's challenge. So many Tanglers around the world owe their persistence and growth with this art form to the Diva's challenges.

I started this blog so that I could participate in the Diva challenges. I learnt about the value of these and other online challenges after spending time drawing with Shelly Beauch CZT. 

Below is the first Diva challenge I posted on my blog, back in September 2015. 

Here are my tiles for challenge #300. It is kind of weird that one of tiles this week features Zenith, as did my first ever challenge tile. I did not even think of looking for this until just now. 

My second tile features Drawings (I like doing this one now that I've go the hang of it) and Florz.

It's a string thing

IAST #181 uses a string based on Zen Bud, and tangles Pozer, Puf and Flukes. 

Made by Joey #149

This week's challenge uses D as the string and starts with some Dicso. I added D'rua, 'Dillo and Golven. 

I'm continuing to use a hand made journal for this challenge. The paper is quite rough and thin, so I have to quite careful how I colour it and shade it. After so many supportive comments about last week's ZIA, I thought I'd include some photos of the process I used to create this week's ZIA.

Create a template using scrap cardboard

Spray on some colour with Kaiser Mists, being careful not to over-wet the page

Shade as I go. I normally shade at the end but that leads me to damage this paper. Not sure why.

New School

I started at my new school this week. I had been at my previous school for 5 years, so starting somewhere new is daunting. Very nervous to begin with. So far it's been a positive experience. I think I'm going to enjoy being here. Students start back next week.

I don't expect to be very active in the Zentangle world for the next few weeks as I get used to new students, new environment and to the general busy-ness of every new school year. Sorry if I don't get to visit and comment on your blogs. 

Cheers and thanks again for your comments and support :)

Miss L


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Lovely work all of it! Enjoy your new school!

Jean Chaney said...

Very nice pieces, Miss L. I am drawn to the one with Florz backing the Moebius. Drawings is a great addition to this also. Good luck with your new school!

michele said...

All of your work is really lovely! Thanks for sharing your technique of getting color down in your journal. I've been working in a journal a lot lately and it's in desperate need of color.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Both tiles are quite beautiful, I like them and cannot pick a favorite. Succes in your new job!!!

Annette P. said...

All are beautiful! Especially I like your Moebius logo with Drawings ... it´s gorgeous. All the best in your new school!

Ria Matheussen said...

It's very nice to start again at school. I wish you succes and hope you will enjoy your new job.
Your tiles are always lovely and I'm sure you will find the time to join a challenge, maybe not so many as you used to do but I'm sure we will "see" you again.
Thank you for showing the technique of colouring I didn't know that.
Kind regards from Belgium and the best for the future!!!

Deanne Biron said...

All your Tiles are beautiful! I love the Moebius with the Drawings!

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Nice job, I'm looking forward to trying your technique!

Bine said...

All your tiles are so beautiful. I love your zendala with Drawings. Wish you all the best for new school.