Friday, 6 January 2017

Exploring new tangles

Learning new tangles

This week I watched a Zentangle video class by Eni Oken. Eni is a CZT who publishes pretty amazing ebooks. Her books cover 3D tangling, shading, Zen gems and colour. 

Anyway, I attempted to complete a tile as I watched the video. While I kept pausing the video as I drew, I found the process was NOT easy. I ended up with a mess of a tile that I couldn't face shading.

Here's tile. It uses baton, marasu, joki, holibaugh, opus and pufcookie.

I then had another attempt after rewatching the class and taking more time over it. I didn't try to copy but rather used my own interpretation of the tangles and Eni' process. I took out Puf cookie as this tangle rarely works for me and replaced it with poke root. Here's my tile.

The particularly nice thing about Eni's video class is that I got it for free. I only found this out this evening as I was putting links into this post. I got the class for free as thanks for being a 'power supporter' of her site. Yay! Thanks Eni.

Tickled to Tangle

My main source of learning new tangles is through online challenges. I find that looking at lots of people's work is a better way for me to understand a tangle than by just going to the step-outs. 

This week's IAST challenge uses MySwing, zonked and pathe.

Here are my two tiles. In the first MySwing follows the string closely. In the second, MySwing lies under the string.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

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