Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Daily drawing

Made by Joey challenge #146

This week Joey has combined her finish-my-tangle challenge with colour and the alphabet.

Here's her starting tile using A-dalpha.

Here's what I've done with it. I kept it simple by adding Waves and some colour.

I've chosen to complete these challenges in a special book. I purchased the book while on holiday in Tasmania last year, so it comes with nice memories. The book was hand made in Nepal. I found it in a museum in a fishing town called St Helens. The museum, among other things, celebrates the history of Chinese miners who came to the area in the 1850s to mine for tin.

I've been waiting for the right inspiration/ courage to start using it. Joey's series of alphabet based challenges is perfect. 

I found out while using the book that I'll have to be very gentle as the paper tears easily and doesn't take pressure. The paper is also full of imperfections, making it quite challenging to draw on.

Opus tiles

I've been continuing to play with Opus tiles and revisiting tangles and techniques that I learnt last year. This tile features bunzo-inspired stripes as a filling for squill, large and small Zen Gems, 3-loops-6 and some old favourites  - mooka, printemps, cadents, and bales.

Below my tile is a photo of my desk as I was working on the tile. You can see a copy of the 2016 edition of Tangle Patterns, a book by Eni Oken, a folder of challenge tiles (this is how I store all my tiles), and a book by Shelly Beauchamp, plus all my drawing paraphernalia. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Gudrun S. said...

Wonderful idea is this book for your special tiles and I like your tiles.
Happy New Year

Ria Matheussen said...

Me too, have a special book for my "best" tiles. It is very nice to have such a wonderful book of your own. When you would be old, you will have nice memories of your drawingmoments. I draw on tiles and glue them in the book ( because my book is also made on fragile paper). Your Opus tile looks fantastic too!

Bine said...

Agree with the others, it's really very nice to have a special book for special tiles and your's looks so beautiful. I like how you had drew joeys tile. It seems like the A is swimming on the waves. Your Opustile is gorgeous.
I wish you a good start in the New Year and all the best for you.

trudi said...

Neat letter A and what a wonderful book to put the letters in!

Michele Wynne said...

I love your book and that's such a great way to start it. Your Opus is fantastic. What amazing detail:-)