Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tangle challenges

I'm not doing so much drawing at the moment but I'm trying to keep up with at least the Diva and Made by Joey challenges.

Diva #301

This week was a duo tangle of Paradox and Diva Dance. I've always struggled with Diva Dance. I've seen lots of examples of it done well but somehow I've never had success. However, this week the Diva linked us to a video of Rick and Maria using it. Now I get it. 

I created two tiles. I'm very happy with both but the second is my favourite. It may even be one of my best tiles ever.

Here's the first.

The second uses Derwent watercolour pencils in two shades of blue. I'm proud of the progress I'm making with colour and getting dimension with colour.

Made by Joey

This week's letter was E and the feature tangle was El Prado. I added Dex and Tripoli. (Side note - I hate the name Dex as this is the name of a medication I was on during chemo. Dex was used to manage side effects of chemo but came with a whole host of nasty side effects itself. The tangle is one I use often though.) I added colour by spraying mist colours onto bubble wrap then pushing that onto the page.

Zentangle Apprentices

I start teaching a Zentangle Apprentices class at my school next week. (I have read, re-read and double checked all the copyright information on and on so that I'm confident that I'm working within the law here).

The Zentangle Apprentice kit is out of stock, so I don't have their lesson plans but I have ordered the apprentice tiles and pens.

The tangles I'm starting with are: Knightsbridge, Flukes, Crescent Moon and Tipple. I'll start with a Z string.

The following lesson I'll use Hollibaugh and Paradox. 

What other tangles do you think I should introduce this term? Students will range in age from 10 to 15 years old. I'll have 5 one hour lessons. Possibly around 15 students. 

New School update

All is well. I like the staff and my students seem interested in learning. I'm teaching a mix of English (or English literature as it may be known in other countries) and Humanities. The school culture and traditions are strong, even though the school is only about 10 years old. Overall, I'm very pleased to be here.

The weather has been over 35 degrees most days (or nearly 100 F) which has been horrible. The students have coped remarkably well though and without complaint. 

Onions, onions, anyone for onions?

This summer we grew tree onions for the first time. These onions grow bulb-lets from the end of their green stalks, which you can eat but which also sprout more bulb-lets. We've been harvesting just enough to eat but they looked like they needed to harvested in one go, so that's what I did. Here's me sorting and cleaning them ready for storing in the garage.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Miss L


Gudrun S. said...

I love your tiles and tese nice colours :-)

Ria Matheussen said...

It's nice that you have made a good start at school. I understand that you hate the heath, but here in Belgium, we can only dream about the summertime. It wil take some months before we get nice temperatures!
Lovely work Karen, but I agree, the second tile you have drawn is also my favorite,very nice colour and a wonderful composition with a fantastic Diva Dance!

Karen said...

The blue really makes the patterns pop, nice work!

Deanne Biron said...

Beautiful duotangle Tiles! Love the composition and the wonderful colour!

trudi said...

Yeah I love the second tile too you did a great job with the watercolour pencils, now I'm going to have to see if I can use mine I never thought about using them with Tangles. I loved to hear about your trick with the bubble wrap, very creative.

Susan Theron said...

All your tiles are lovely. Last year we had a hot summer with temperatures in the late 30's for days, but this summer was mild in comparison so far, but February is usually our hottest month of the year.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Great tiles this week and it looks like lots of good onions! Glad your new school is going well. I have used the apprentice tiles with my students and it has worked out just fine. They really seem to enjoy it!

Karyn Cunneen said...

Clever lady!

Karyn Cunneen said...

Clever lady!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, I think the second one is my favorite too! It's sooooo beautiful floating in the sky. I have to say that always, when I come to your blog the photo of Arthur makes me smile. Love that cat.

The Creative Miss L said...

Anne, Thanks for your comments about Arthur. That cat can be very annoying at times. He wanted cuddles from about 4am this morning. Drat that cat!

Anne's tangle blog said...

My cat Tedah (she is very, very old) is screaming for attention more and more the older she gets. Really not funny anymore. But .... she is also the cutest cat I ever had :-)

LezliB said...

I really like your tiles. For someone who had problems with Diva Dance, it would appear that you are doing very well with it. I had problems with it too, until I watched the video (several times) Very nice work!

Joey said...

I love the ink technique that you applied! Your Diva is lovely as well!

Holly {ha! designs} said...

I really like both of the tiles you completed for the challenge. Your use of watercolor in the second one is lovely. It adds to the sense of movement... Nicely done! Good luck teaching your classes! I'm sure the students will love it!

Jean Chaney said...

Very nice, especially the second one with the added color!