Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tangle challenges 8 Feb

Diva #302 - Hamadox

Hamail is a tangle I tried a few times last year but could not get the hang of. Hamadox, however, seems to come off my pen fairly smoothly. 

Here is my first tile. The second is not finished yet - I'll add it later in the week.

Made by Joey

This week it's the letter F. It was fun to find how frequently F tangles find their (f)way into my (f)work.  Sorry for the bad, bad pun. Could not resist.

Here's a page from my Tangle Journal. I used Festune, Fengle, Fleavy, Florz and Flux. The colour is a combination of blue, apple green and denim spray inks with I first sprayed onto baking paper before applying over a stencil. Colours don't blend well in this journal as the paper is thin and fragile as it is hand made, so I've been forced to be inventive.

I also made a tile, where I added Flukes, Fescue and pale Flux to Festune. The colours are from the same sheet of baking paper, applied to a tile that I'd dampened first with a paint brush and small amount of water. 

Other drawing

I was inspired by my new-found ability to finally draw Diva, so I played some more with it. Here's one of my tiles. It uses Verdigogh and was inspired by the examples shown by Maria.

Life matters

Enjoying my new school very much.

Am getting very tired of the relentless heat and humidity here. We are heading for 36 tomorrow, 40 on Friday, 41 on Saturday then back to 36 on Sunday. At least the classrooms at my new school have ceiling fans.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping in.

Miss L


Anonymous said...

Loved your bad pun, lol...sometimes it's the only f(way) to say what you have to say, right?

Loved all your tangles, too, especially the way you interpreted the Diva Dance. Very long and sinuous...tango, perhaps?


Ria Matheussen said...

Me too prefer Hamadox abough Hamail. Your tile is beautiful and so are the tiles for Joey.
The other drawing, inspired by Maria is wonderful, looks very special to me!
I'm glad for you that you enjoy your new job at school, wish you succes and not to much heath anymore.

Anonymous said...

I too found hamadox easier than hamail, though I don't know why. I'm also impressed by your verdigogh/diva dance mix, I wouldn't have even tried!

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Lovely work!

michele said...

This is all wonderful! I especially love your Diva piece. Your Hamadox looks so elegant and the tile is beautifully composed;-)

elle tangle said...

I love all your tiles, my preference is the "verdigoh/Diva dance" it's a difficult combination and the result is so beautiful. I love also your Hamadox, looks like coton flowers.

Joey said...

Beautifully coloured backgrounds on your tiles! Our temperatures have been unseasonably low (-3 to 3) for the past 3 months but I am also not fond of temps in the 30's either and 40 is just torture! I hope that your body eventually gets used to it.
~ joey ~

Anne's tangle blog said...

The tile is very beautiful and I think it's great that you can still tangle in that heat!

Heike said...

Love all your tiles.

Susan Theron said...

Lovely tiles, but your Diva one is very, very good.

Jean Chaney said...

Your Hamadox is really nicely done and I love your Diva Dancing with Verdigogh a lot!

Deanne Biron said...

Beautiful versions of Hamadox! :)