Saturday, 22 April 2017

Zentangle challenges

Hi all. Thanks for all the positive feedback I've been getting lately. I truly appreciate the comments, feedback and support.

At the moment I'm sick with the worst case of hives I've ever experienced. I'm doped to the eyeballs on antihistamines, steroids and tiredness. 

Diva challenge #312 - coffee, tea or me

This week's challenge was to use a stain or spill as a string. The spills in both tiles are mist sprays applied to water spills.

First tile is Crazy Huggins, Frunky and Bubbles. Tip for creating Crazy Huggins - complete each Hug before drawing the dots for the next Hug. This helped me ensure each Hug went the right way and that I had the right amount and placement of the dots.

Second tile is a tangellation of Zenith, with Printemps and Florz.

Made by Joey

This week's letter was P. Very hard to choose with P tangles - Printemps, Paradox, Pixioze, Ponio, Poke Leaf or Poke Root?

I kept it simple with the featured Pea-Fea (new to me), Prestwood (which I found on Ilse's tile and is new to me), plus Pixioze and Printemps.

Other drawing

I was very productive over the Easter. We filled a massive skip with rubbish and I completed several Opus tiles. The first tile is a combination of Dingbatz (you need the Zentangle Mosaic to see the video for these) and some striped flowers that Michele Beauchamp has been using in her work lately.

Travelling Solo

I've been away for most of the last week travelling on my own. I stayed in a little town called Jindabyne which is the gateway town to the Snowy Mountains. 

Snow gums and storm clouds, Charlotte's Pass

Riding my new friend, Boofhead the horse.

Autumn colour, Thredbo River.

Have a good week.

Miss L


Susie said...

Love your version of pea-fea. Looks so different now. And your background creation is beautiful and interesting.

Ria Matheussen said...

Beautiful work, especially the opus tiles are wonderful.
Love the pictures of the autumn in Australia. In Belgium Sprintime is beginning but it is still very cold.
It's nice to be on your own sometimes with a special friend like your Boofhead... wish you all the best!

Joey said...

Beautiful challenges!

michele said...

My goodness! all of your work is gorgeous! I love your opus with Michele's flowers. I keep meaning to try those because every time I see them they delight me.

Jean Chaney said...

Lovely tangling with some pretty colors too. Loved seeing your beautiful fall photos!

Shelly Beauch said...

Yay, love your striped flowers!! Gosh your tangling is looking really fabulous! Great pics too.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Lovely work; I especially like the second 'spill' one!

trudi said...

Wonderful work, hope your allergies get better.