Thursday, 13 April 2017

This week's tangling

This week I've been trawling the net and have found a tangle library that I've not come across before. The site is Only a couple of days later Joey sent us to this website for a pattern.

This lead me to wondering what tangle library/collection sites people use. The only one I use is  but I have stumbled across others. The tangles on seem closer to Rick and Maria's definition of a tangle than the tangles I've found on these other sites. The next question is does it matter so long as you are not selling your work and using the Zentangle name?

Your thoughts and experiences?

Diva #311 - circle square string theory

I could have played with this theme for ages. Here's my first tile, using Pepper, Dex and Box Spirals.

My next includes Bales, Tipple, Ponio, Dex and Florz, with a little gel pen which hasn't come out in the photo.

Made by Joey

My Made by Joey tile is about the letter O and uses O2, Onion Drops and Omen. The colour comes from 3 different Mist sprays (orange, fairy floss and yellow). I found the base line for Onion Drops was much harder to draw than it looked on the step-out. Time for some practice I think.

Other drawing

Here's an Opus tile that I worked on over a couple of days recently. Tangles used include Enchanted (which I found on, Squill, Golven, Tripoli, Rixty, Mooka, Marasu, and a tangellation of Zander. The latter Tanglation is one that Michele Beauchamp CZT uses quite a bit and which she taught me a couple of years ago. The colours are Denim and Green Mist Spray.

Other stuff

I've working with a personal trainer at my local gym. He pushes me hard in a good way. As a result of that I'm getting noticeably stronger and fitter. Pity the cancer fatigue still kicks in. C/F just pays a visit whenever it thinks I'm forgetting that I am and always will be a cancer survivor. Time past diagnosis doesn't change that fact.

This week I attended a two day Google Apps for Education conference. It was brilliant and I came away with so many ideas. Need to take some time to play with some of the Apps I learnt about to see how I can use them with my students. Would never have thought my technology skills would get to this level.

This weekend is Easter so I have The Husband home and not at work for 4 days.  Waiting for us out the front of the house is a large skip/hopper. We will fill it with junk from the garage, the yard and inside the house.  Looking forward to a massive de-clutter.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Fun diva tiles and your Opus tile is Beautiful!

Ria Matheussen said...

Nice work but my absolute favorite is your gorgeous Opus tile, that is sooooooooooo beautiful Karen!!!
I wish you a happy Eastern and a good time in your family.

Susie said...

The Opus tile, definitely a masterpiece. I love the Enchanted flowers, the squills look like a fusion with onamato, and mooka has its own interpretation. Well done, little Missy, and have fun decluttering - it is a good workout for body and mind.

HeidiSue said...

These are all terrific. The first Diva tile reminds me of a pocketful of peppermints and those kind of strangely yummy lavender candies that are tiny purple squares. The O tile for the colors, and I think you did pretty good on onion drops. But I'm with Ria...the Opus is WOW! my goodness, how grand it is!

trudi said...

Lovely tiles (as usual). I use the same Tangle collections you mentioned and also They don't do step outs very often so sometimes it's hard to figure them out.

Anja said...

WOW! Beautiful work! My favorite is your amazing Opus tile!
Happy Easter!

Jean Chaney said...

Beautiful work. Love that Opus tile!
As far as tangles, Rick and Maria don't claim to creating the idea of patterns. They have been everywhere since the beginning of time. They have no objections to anyone using tangles from any place they find them. There are "rules" for what makes a tangle. It needs to be easy, non-representational and have few steps. So, wherever you get your inspiration is fine. Use what you like and just disregard the rest :) Go to and read more about how you can use Zentangle and give proper credit, when necessary, in the FAQ section :)