Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Diva #278 - UMT KLnightstar

This week's Diva challenge is to use Knightstar, which is a tangle by Daniel Lamothe.

I highly recommend reading Daniel's blog. He is young - late teens? - and the youngest CZT. His blog posts are funny, insightful and full of his unique take on life and art. And his art is incredible.

My first tile started life this morning as I was doodling before a meeting. I'd arrived early (did not know what to expect from the traffic) so filled in time by experimenting with this week's challenge.

Here's my doodle and my finished tile. The finished tile includes tangellations of squill, ellish and knightstar. Not sure I like it much but I did like the process.

Since I wasn't too happy with my first tile, I had another go. This one owes a little inspiration to CharKat and the way she shaded knightstar. I added something extra to the white spaces - a product called Glossy Accents.  But, of course, the gloss didn't come out in the photo. 

Other drawing

I haven't been Tangling much this last week due to life, the universe and everything. I did, however, complete a tile on Monday, which I posted on the Zentangle Mosaic. 


A huge, huge, huge event in my life recently has been the purchase of a car. This is my first new car, just for me, that I chose, that I could have customised if I'd wished.

My car is a Mini Cooper S. That means almost nothing to me other than it is a Mini and that it's a sports model which means the driving should be fun. And it is very, very fun to drive.

Why Bertie? Apparently it is customary for Mini Cooper owners to name their cars. I named mine Jeremy for a few days, which is a reference to a British TV show called Top Gear. However, the name didn't suit. So now it is called Bertie.

Here's a piccy. The angle is bad because I didn't want to post a photo of my number plate.

Health, fitness, weight loss

I haven't posted about this topic for a while. I guess it's because my fitness program has become such a normal, almost everyday part of life. It's common for me to go to the gym up to 5 times a week and spend an hour or so working out. If I miss the gym then I walk our dog, Milo.

Results in terms of weight loss have been gradual, if not a bit slow. Have to work harder on cutting down sugar and refined carbs. 

Results in terms of losing size has been noticeable. Clothes are looser and the body is toned.

Results in terms of strength have been amazing. Today, for instance, I did 10 x 5 sets of full push ups and 3 sets of 30 stomach crunches. Did the same yesterday as well. Feeling quite proud of myself.

The other activity I've taken up is meditation. I've been using an App called Headspace. So far I've meditated for 10 minutes a day for 22 days straight. Looking at the time now, I'd been finish this so I can get a session in before bed. 


Thanks for dropping by. Thanks especially to people who add comments. Love to read them and then visit your blogs. Page views for my blog are now well over 10,000 and it's not quite 1 year old.

Have a great week

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Congrats with your Bertie. He looks very nice and so are the tiles you showed us: pretty, original Knightstar tiles and really great are your gems, I love them.
I wish you good luck with your fitness programme.

Dorita Menconi said...

Nice tiles and congratulations on a new car and being consistent in taking care of you!

michele said...

Very nicely done! Congrats on the the new car;-)

Jean Chaney said...

Your Knightstar pieces are quite nice and I really love the gem you did. Bertie is a cutie. Enjoy!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like what you did with this challenge!!!!

Suse said...

I looove Bertie!
The shading is great on your knightstar and your blue gem is divine!

Anja said...

Love your Bertie! & your beautiful tiles! Happy Sunday!

Sue Sharp said...

Loved reading your blog! Your tiles are really great - I 'specially love the addition of the blues. Fab car! There is nothing like owning your first real new car, and Bertie is a winner! Health and weight loss… an ongoing bittersweet love/hate relationship… but doesn't it feel wonderful to know that you're taking care of yourself?