Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Diva #277 - Running around in circles

This week's Diva challenge

The challenge this week was to draw inspiration from circles. Here's my tile. If you visit my blog later in the week there will be more tiles for this challenge.

Zentangle Primer

I've been doing more work in my Primer Journal. This week I tackled the front cover. The border features tangle fragments that I saw on Adele Bruno's site recently, plus squill, ellish, skye, rixty, tripoli, flux, florz and shattuck, with a few bunzo-esque pieces thrown in. The gems have some extra sparkle courtesy of a couple of layers of Mod Podge.

ZIA 3D paper shapes

On the weekend I went to a craft fair at my local art centre. One of the stalls that caught my eye and imagination was by Altapapercraft. They had a display of 3D images made from cardboard pyramids. 
You need to go to their instagram or facebook page to appreciate. I can't adequately describe their work.

You could buy the artworks already assembled and framed or you buy their kits and try it at home. I bought two of their kits and have spent much of Monday drawing over them and converting them into ZIA.

Here's my 3D star and 3D fish. I already had box-ish frames. Just took out the ZIA that were in them before, added some pretty background card, tangling the backing card and viola. 

Cake decorating continues

Here's my latest attempt at this edible art. I've found that my work colleagues are quite happy to eat the results.

Have a great week and thanks for your comments.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Lovely tile for this week challenge and on the other tile, that gem, wow, that is so beautiful drawn, wish I could do that too! I like the border you have made on that tile, just great.
These 3D stuff is also really pretty, especially the fish is a real beauty. You have been very creative and busy.
You deserve a big piece of that wonderful decorating cake!!!

Patty CZT22 said...

Great DC challenge tile and love what you are doing on the front of your journal, especially the gems! I haven't even started mine yet...not sure what I am waiting for! 🤗

michele said...

ohmigosh! everything here is so beautiful. I love your journal cover and that cake is amazing!

Anne's tangle blog said...

The challenge tile is gorgeous!!!!

Suse said...

I love the interlocking circular tangles for the Diva challenge. The ZIA paper prisms are gorgeous (as is the cake).

Anja said...

I Love your tiles & the amazing cake!

Jean Chaney said...

I love how you pushed some tangles into circles. Great challenge piece! Very interesting 3-D projects. Looks like fun. And, cake? I'm in :)

LezliB said...

Love your tiles and the 3D ZIAs. That looks like a fun idea. Your journal cover is stunning, especially with the gems.