Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Diva #274 - My Country

This week the Diva asked us to create a tile inspired by our country or our country's flag. This was hard for me. While I love my country, I think our flag is out-dated and represents the past. So, I designed a new flag.

My flag is a combination of the current Australian flag and the Australian Aboriginal flag. Google them both and you'll see what I've tried to do. My tile is not the best quality. Read on to see why.

(OMG - this is bad, new version to come!)

Here's my second attempt at this week's Diva challenge. I've used the national colours of green and gold in my imagining of a new Australian flag. My flag includes the stars of the Southern Cross. I tangled over the top of the flag with tangles that I've been practicing/learning this week.
Cheers from Tasmania.

Tangling with Shelly Beauch

Lucky, lucky me. I've spent the last two days drawing with the wonderful Shelly Beauch CZT. I also spent a couple of hours drawing last night. The tip of my pen finger is worn out, hence the not so great tile above.

Anyway ......

Yesterday we worked on several different standard size tiles, working on tangles that are new to me, refining my techniques and Shelly teaching me how to do Zen Gems using grey Copic markers as the base. 

I cannot stress enough the value of working in person with a CZT. It will take me ages to process and practice what I've learnt over the last two days. Priceless learning. And a whole lot of fun.

Here's one of the tiles. I'm VERY pleased with this. That afternoon I went to the art store and bought my own small set of these markers.

This morning we warmed up by creating the cover of a notebook before spending the day on an Opus tile.

The Opus tiles are not finished but here's Shelly working on hers.

Tomorrow my adventures take me to the remote(ish) NE of Tasmania for a few days of walking, sight seeing and drawing. 

Have a great week.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Very nice Opus tile and a beautiful gem, wow I wish I could do it also!
Because you write another version of the Diva tile is coming I'm waiting for giving comments for that one!

Jean Chaney said...

Well, Miss L, your comments led me on an Internet journey to research the Australian flag. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to change their national symbol, but now I do understand. Maybe someday you can present your version, and reasons, to the powers that be! Do be very careful of not overstressing your hands. I developed trigger finger from not taking enough breaks. I do love the pieces you created with Shelly though. It's nice to read someone point out how valuable a class with a CZT can be. I had a student last week who has been doing Zentangle for over a year. All she kept saying is "wow"! She said she learned more in 30 minutes from a "live" person that from the dozens of books she was working with.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

I love your new flag, I had heard about some people wanting to include an aboriginal element and I think that is quite right. How clever of you to think a new one up.

Wow, I am so envious of your meeting with Shelly. Not only instruction from a real live CZT but the CZT that is one of my tangling heroes. I wish we had a CZT in Ireland who gave instruction.

Pat Mathes said...

Wonderful blog article. You are so lucky to have time with Shelly. I envy you that. Your flag is quite nice. I like how you mixed the culture.

Shelly Beauch said...

Karen, it really was a treat to have you visit for the last 2 days. I smiled this morning after seeing your colourful flag and thinking of the discussions about what we were going to create. Love and hugs, enjoy your Tassie adventure!!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I'm so pleased for you that the days with Michelle were such pleasure and .... with such beautiful results.
I do like the new flag!!!

michele wynne said...

I love your interpretation of your dream flag. Thank you for sharing your adventure. How I envy your opportunity to work with Shelly. Your work is truly amazing. I love that gem!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

I can of like the "old" Australian flag, but I can also appreciate the one you have invented. It sounds like you had a really intense few days of tangling. I need to teach myself the gem technique. Share some photos of Tasmania with us next week! It's a little hard for most of us to get there.

Anja said...

Great flag interpretation! Your gem tile is so Beautiful and your Opus tile is already gorgeous!

Simone Menzel said...

I love the idea to create a new flag .... The result is amazing!
And yes, I can beleive that you are happy to tangle with Shelly B. The very first book which I saw with Zentangle has been written (and drawn..) by her. She cought me immediatey;-)