Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Diva #275 - Give peace a chance

Winter weather update

We have snow. We don't get snow in Canberra very often and when we do it quickly melts. It also creates lots of excitement.

My daughter Moo leaves for work before 6am so she's been keeping her car in the garage to avoid having to de-ice. This morning she would have had to de-snow.

Here's my car outside at 6am this morning.

Here's our backyard at 9am.

Miss L

Diva #275

This week's Diva challenge asks us to reflect on the recent events in the USA. Black lives matter.

I chose to use organic tangles around a peace sign. Tangles used were Verdigogh, Tamisolo and Iza.

Drawing with Shelly Beauch

Last week I travelled to Tasmania (over 700kms away) to spend a couple of days improving my drawing skills with the delightful and generous Shelly Beauch.

We spend most of the second day working on an Opus tile sampler, where Shelly showed me new tangles and helped me draw some older ones. Here's my Opus tile.

I did lots of other drawing last week, some of which you can find on the Zentangle Mosaic App.

Zen Gems

Zen Gems are something I've seen lots of and tried but without success. Some in person tuition has changed that. Here's a collection of Zen Gems that I created yesterday, complete with plenty of tangling to enhance them and to link each 'tile'. 

Zentangle Primer

My Zentangle Primer and workbook arrived just before I travelled to Tasmania. The book is packed with inspiration and ways to develop and extend your Tangling skills. I spent hours with it, particularly in airports waiting for delayed flights. 

Here's my name plate.

Have a great week.

Miss L

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