Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Diva #282 - Spill it

This week's Diva challenge was to use a tile that we'd spilt something on. I chose to drop some food colouring onto some tiles.

Here are my tiles. Lots of them this week. You'll understand why there are lots in a moment.

Where I was when I did my Diva tiles

The last couple of days have been challenging for our family. My husband became very ill on Sunday night. I took him to hospital Monday morning. On Tuesday afternoon he had emergency surgery. The good news is the surgery was considered a day procedure, so he was allowed home that evening.  The bad news is that he will require more surgery in several weeks time and who knows what other follow up. 

The positives out of all this is that the problem was caught and fixed. Thank you Medical System that we have in Australia. Top notch. Wonderful. I was able to care for him and be by his side, which is pay back for the countless days The Husband did the same for me over the years with my health issues (cancer survivor of nearly 10 years). Moo also stepped up by sitting with him Monday night, while BoyBoy did his part keeping the house and pets going.

How does this related to the Diva Challenge? I did the tiles while sitting waiting in hospital. All them done on my knee, not a table in sight.

So grateful for this art form, particularly how portable it is. 

My travelling Zentangle Kit

I have made up a little travelling Zentangle Kit. It includes a lovely, small, hard cover Jasart sketch book with 200gsm pages. This, plus pens, pencil, tortillon, and eraser all fit in a pencil case. This case goes with me to work and to medical appointments, any where where I expect to have to sit and wait for a while.

Here are some drawings I've done lately, based on the chapter about reticula and fragments in the Zentangle Primer. 

Head space

Last week I wrote about being in a black place. That has lifted somewhat although it takes daily effort.

Thanks for the messages of support. Your comments did make a difference. Gotta love this Zentangle community!

Lately I've been reminded of the Serenity Prayer. You would have heard it - it is used by the 12 step programs. I'm not in one of those and don't need to be, but the words of the prayer do resonate.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

One last thing - I've been skiing again

This blog post is soooo long! But I have to share some more pictures.

Last Saturday The Husband and I had another day skiing. The weather was frigid cold, the snow was deeper than it was last time, and our ski fitness levels had increased. We managed to ski for 22km, over 16 runs, over 6 hours. It was a brilliant, brilliant day. So happy to have rediscovered this sport and to have worked out how to get ourselves down to the snow.

Looking up Pretty Valley from the chair lift
Me about to drop down into Pretty Valley. Copper Head Rd, my favourite run, is way off to the left of the photo.

Me taking a break, bottom of Pleasant Valley. It was COLD!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. I will get back into visiting yours. Life just needs to settle down a bit, that's all.

Miss L


Ilse said...

Nice to see you've used food colouring too! I've only used blue, you've been busy with lots of colours. I think your red one is my favorite, cause it looks very dramatic ;-)

Ria Matheussen said...

The tiles with "color" are lovely, all of them.
In Belgium we have a good Medical System and I am glad to read in Australia too. That is very important. I'm sure your husband will recover quickly.
I love working with fragments too, it is very pleasant and relaxing to draw.
I never knew that it could be so cold in Australia, but soon spring will come!

Suse said...

Lovely colourful spill tiles, I particularly like the blue one. I'm glad to hear your husband is on the mend and hope you continue to feel better too! Your travelling Zentangle kit is a great idea. We are going on holidays later in the year, I must set one up!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Indeed a great idea, such a travelling tangle kit. The only problem for me is where to leave it, because my purse is always so full and heavy already. So I have a pen and tile in my purse, but the tile is often very wrinkled.
Love your work this week!!!
Hope your husband will be totally better soon!
Take care

HeidiSue said...

love how you used your colorful spills. They all look terrific. So glad you had your zentangle with you at the hospital. Hopefully your hubby will make a full recovery. Scary!

michele said...

All of your spill tiles are great though I'm partial to the blue;-)

Jean Chaney said...

The food coloring made for some lively spills to work on. All very nicely done. I'm glad that things are working out for both you and your husband. Yes, thank you Zentangle for helping us keep sane :)

Susan Theron said...

All your Diva tiles are beautiful. But that green one - I love it.