Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Diva Challenge #279: "Duotangle Meer vs Auraknot"

This week's Diva challenge asks us to combine two tangles: Auraknot and Meer. I decided to keep both tiles simple. The second uses Hollibaugh to create layers of Meer. 

Other drawing 

Not much drawing at all over the past week or so. Last week is a blur. I cannot remember what I did at all. Maybe I've just been tired?

I did spend time adding to my Zentangle Journal. I'm actually enjoying working on this more than using normal tiles. 

Recently I finished reading the chapter about strings where we are encouraged to venture beyond them. In this tile, however, I stayed closely within the strings. Normally, however, I'm pretty relaxed about staying within them and often don't use them at all. Maybe that's what I took away from the chapter - that it is OK to stay within them on occasion? I'm most proud of my strings of Mooka that coil up the tile and my Huggins, which is a tangle I worked on with Shelly Beauch recently and which still causes me grief. Not in this tile though.


Last weekend was a real super wonderful amazing treat. We went skiing. The Husband and I can both down hill ski at an intermediate level although we choose to stay in green runs, which are the easiest level. Although we live only 3 hours from the snow, we haven't been able to get onto the slopes very often since before BoyBoy was born.

Speaking of BoyBoy, we took him with us. He is 17 and has never down hill skied.

After a difficult start and nearly giving up, BoyBoy got the hang of skiing and was beating me down the hill on most runs. Whether that was deliberate or because he was slightly out of control, we don't know. His crash rate fell away and he understood why The Husband and I love skiing so much.

I got quite emotional at times over the two days. It was such a joy to be back on skis after a long break. It was also a chance to enjoy skiing the slopes that I'd first learnt on in my teens yet doing so with my husband (who is THE BEST husband ever!!!).  Ah the memories. 

Most of all it was an incredible, powerful, wonderful feeling to see my boy skiing confidently down the slopes. On the Sunday I was racing down this lovely wide open valley, with BoyBoy right behind me. I was a very proud mother then!

The Husband and I overlooking Perisher Valley.
BoyBoy with an ice crystal 

Snow gums while waiting for the chair lift, Pleasant Valley. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Very strange to see those beautiful pictures of you and your family in the snow. We are in the mid of the summer but yes, you are living on the other side of the world!!!
You did a great job on that beautiful black and white work. I love it. The tiles for the weekly challenge are uncomplicated but nice and well drawn. My favorite is the second one on the Renaissance tile, a very nice composition!

Anonymous said...

I got more and more wowed the more I read this week.The ski ing would not be my thing - I've made sedentary an artform - but the joy of family cannot be overrated. And the drawing just got lovelier down the page. That first, deceptively simple looking tile is a cracker ; the next one blew me away but the lovely organic one is fabulous. Really nice work and a pleasure to read too.

Jill D said...

Lovely tiles! Your Auraknot reminds me of beautifully woven basketry:)

Anne's tangle blog said...

You did a great job with the challenge; I especially like the second one. Thanks for sharing those photo's, weird idea snow when summer here :-)

Suse said...

Lovely work, your journal page is gorgeous.

Jean Chaney said...

How lovely to share something you enjoy with your husband and your son. Treasured memories were made! Your tiles are very nice. I really like the Meer done Holibaugh style.

Anja said...

Wonderful tiles and journal page!

Shelly Beauch said...

What fun all round! So wonderful to see your weekend pics in the snow. Love your huggins.....hugs to you to Miss L

LezliB said...

Both of your Diva Challenge tiles are nicely done and on the first one, I love the sparkles you have left in the Meer. But that second tile....what can I say? I love the squared Auraknot sections, but the Meer with the weighted lines is fabulous. I like the effect it gives of being a crevasse that you can look into. Perhaps just a comment on the wonderful snowy time you had skiing...since they look like mountains. I love your Journal page as well. I really MUST get one because the ones I have seen being used are fabulous! I need to get the new book too. Anyway, lovely artwork and a wonderful post. Happy winter, I'm jealous since it's so hot here and I love the

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Your Auraknot/Meer tiles are great. I'm especially taken with your second, love how AK peeks through your Meer bands, really different! Your string piece is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the ski pics, we in Michigan (USA) are experiencing a massive heat wave, so this was a lovely break from thesummer sizzle!