Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Diva #264 - spring

This week's Diva challenge was to incorporate Spring into our tiles by using a spring-like string.

Today I produced 3 tiles for the challenge. I'm on school holidays at the moment so in theory I had the time. However, I had, and still have, quite a bit of marking to do before school returns. Drawing won out this afternoon.

I took a broader approach to the spring theme with my first tile. I also took inspiration from the many Tanglers who colour their tiles with watercolours first. Here's my first tile.

Features Blooming Butter, Festune and Pepper

In my second tile I continued to play with water colours, using blues and greens which are more usual colours for me compared to the yellows and oranges above. This tile I used a similar spring string to what the Diva used.

Features: Zander, Pixioze and Printemps

Finally, I thought I'd go colour-free. My twist was to use Tangles starting with the letter B. No reason for this other that than I liked what I saw when I found Beadlines.

Features: Beadlines, Bunzo and Blips

Other Zentangle drawing

This week I've been playing around with the new string 205 from Tanglepatterns. I'll get around to posting my tiles later in the week (have to get that marking done first!).

Here's my favourite attempt.

What I'm doing this week

* continuing to exercise and eat better. Have a look at my Diva post for last week to see what it was like to spend a week at a health resort.  I recommend it to anyway who needs a total break from routine.

* catching up with a friend. We are combining our usual walk and talk with a cardio workout. There are cardio exercise stations along one of the paths we take. I hope to be able to walk without groaning afterwards.

* reading Game of Thrones. I only started reading it a week ago. Very hard to put down.

* making air dry clay pots with my son, BoyBoy. He's doing ceramics at college (year 11) so we're getting in some practice time at home.

* taking BoyBoy for driving lessons. He is eligible for his provisional licence in about 2 months. He won't be ready by then but that's OK.

* looking forward to a night away and lots of country/alpine driving and bushwalking with the Husband this weekend.

* marking, marking, planning and marking.

Have a good week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Lorna said...

Wonderful colours. I like the bloomin' butter for spring feeling!

michele said...

Beautiful work! I love the colors.

Kris said...

Your water color backgrounds are so subtle and nicely blended. They add so much to your beautiful tangles.

Ria Matheussen said...

Very nice tiles all of them: in the first one I like the flowers, in the second one the colours, in the third the tangle Bunzo and in the fourth one the contrasts!!!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

I had the color (colour) the tile first idea, but I wasn't assertive enough, so you would never know. In contrast, you provided very nice colored backgrounds for your tangling. All your tiles are satisfying in their own ways. I'm glad you have your priorities straight. The marking will be waiting for you after you've taken care of your other "needs". Enjoy the rest of your holiday---and marking. :)

Sandra Sch. said...

Wonderful tiles all three :-) I like the first one most because I love the Blooming butter in combination with the other patterns and the colour of the tile is great. Beautiful work!

Jean Chaney said...

Love the pretty colors that just add more beauty to these delightful tangles. Fun to read about your life too. I had to go through that drivers training with four sons! I survived LOL!

Patty CZT22 said...

Really love the colors you used on your tiles and especially liked the blooming butter tangle. I've not used that one before. Cheers and happy tangling! ��

Anne's tangle blog said...

I love your tiles and the coloring of the background. Great to do don't you think???

Dragonfly-Artz said...

All such beautiful tiles with wonderful color. I love the tangle Bloomin' Butter; great one to use for spring!

Sue Sharp said...

Great tiles - all of them. I smiled when I saw Blooming Butter - it's a fav, though not used often!

Ilse said...

These tiles are all lovely, but the second one is my favorite because of it's composition and colours!

Chrissie Frampton said...

I love all the colours, this a great set of tiles.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

So many wonderful tiles to see here! Especially I like the first one. It remind me of a lovely spring meadow!

Bine said...

Wow, all tiles are so beautyful. Espacially I love the colour of the second.

HeidiSue said...

Oh, that green toned one is just luscious! But your Butter bloom...you've inspired me to give that one another try. It's been a while, and I flubbed it so badly...but now I want to play with it some more. Great work!