Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Diva #262 - UMT Fasset

I've got a few things to write about this week. Here are my tiles for this week's Diva challenge first.

I thought I'd find this challenge easy as I've used Fasset a lot in the past. Not today. My head is in a weird place so my ideas have not translated onto the page. This is what I managed this evening.

My health

Thanks for all the kind comments and concerns about my health. It is very touching to have people from all around the world show concern for me. 

My health got worse but is now improving. Long story short: I ended up with severe asthma for the last few days. I had a severe attack at work on Thursday. My lovely, amazing colleagues looked after me, got me sorted and home. Spent the weekend on oral steroids (horrible, horrible things) and preventer and Ventolin. 

I was back at school today. I managed OK but this is going to be a long week. I'll pace myself and be gentle with myself and my students. Only a couple of days and then 2 weeks of school holidays.

Mother-daughter bonding over kittens

Last weekend Moo and I spent some time helping a carer with kittens. The carer has 4 kittens on hand at the moment and she needed some help socialising them. 

Moo and I volunteered. For other people, spending an hour with little kittens would be a nightmare but Moo and I adore cats and kittens. Actually, I like all critters with the exception of most insects and most spiders. I could happily work in a zoo but I think I'd get into trouble for wanting to pat everything.

Here are photos of myself with 3 of the kittens and a photo of my darling Moo with the same set. Kitten number 4 was hiding.

Other Tangling

I regularly participate in Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing challenge (see link on my home page). Here's what I did for last week's challenge. 

I did some more stacked tiles, following on from last week's Diva challenge. I was so inspired by what other people had drawn that I had do some more myself. (One of the tiles on the stack is faux - can you spot it?). The background tile is a normal Zentangle tile that I coloured. 

Taking a break

I will away next week so will be late joining the Diva challenge. I've got 5 nights at a health and wellness retreat. I'm going on my own. No friends or family. Just me.

I'll be joining exercise classes, doing laps in the pool, participating in evening meditation sessions, having a few spa treatments and drawing. 

Have a good week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Anonymous said...

First, I hope your health continues to improve and I'm sure you will love your time at the spa. And then the kittens - I don't want to be tied by having pets but am easily tempted so I stay away from them altogether! Those kittens just look adorable. And the drawing? Love 'em. All of 'em. Wherever your head was, it looks like a good place to me.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Have a great time at the spa. I am glad that you are feeling better. Your tiles are lovely!

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Glad you are a little better and hope the health retreat finishes off the healing. You have drawn some lovely tiles so I hope you remember to pack your tangling kit

Anne's tangle blog said...

That's a real good thing to do, this retreat. I think it will do you a lot of good.
I like the tiles you created a lot.
And ...... LOVE those kittens.

Antonine Koval said...

Wow you have had quite a week! Glad to hear you are feeling better, and know you will enjoy your retreat. It is always good to be apart for a while to regroup. First, I really love how your tiles coordinate with the background "fabric" on your blog page. How beautiful! Your top Fassett on black is stunning! The bits of color and the background are perfect. The stacked tiles with Rixty are amazing too. I love your subtle sense of color and the way you break up the space with open areas. Lovely!

The Creative Miss L said...

Antonine: Thanks for your comments about the look of my blog. After blogging for a year, I felt the need to personalise the look of my blog and go for an original background. The background is a silk scarf that I bought in Melbourne a few years ago and love.