Friday, 15 April 2016

Diva #263 - globe grid

Diva Challenge #263

This week's Diva Challenge has reminded me my I participate in online Zentangle challenges - to broaden my understanding of this art form. I have never seen a globular grid before and certainly never tried to use one.

My 'tile' this week is ZIA as I've used an A4 sheet of paper rather than a Zentangle tile or Zendala. My tile intentionally looks a bit like planets. That's because I've been away at a health and fitness retreat called Solar Springs for the past week. Get envious right about now.

It's a string thing challenge #140

My tile for this week is a rush job. I like it though. Tangles are Hollibaugh, Poke Leaf and Copala.

Solar Springs Health retreat

This was my first time staying at a health retreat and I didn't know what to expect of the day to day experience or what I'd get out of the week. I hoped to refocus on getting fit and to have a pleasant break from cooking diner for my family.

A typical day for me was to get up at 7am in time for the 7.15 stretch class. I then had breakfast from 8am. At 9am I'd board the mini bus with other guests and go for an hour and a half bush walk in the nearby Morton National Park. Come back for a session of aqua fit (aqua fit is a serious workout!). Shower, read for a bit then have lunch. Read or draw for a bit then have a beauty treatment at 2 or 3 - a massage one day, a manicure another). Maybe go a walk in the afternoon or do a yoga class before dinner. Sit in the lounge for a chat with the other guests then bed. 

I ended up getting what I hoped to but so much more than that. I had a significant emotional break through early in the week followed by this incredible sense of well being. I'm feeling strong again. Strong and powerful and in control.  

The week was also filled with laughter and companionship. This came from the staff as well as from the other guests. While I travelled to the retreat on my own, I wasn't on my own there. So many lovely people to chat to or laugh with. 

I thoroughly recommend doing this sort of thing for yourselves.

A shout out to the girls from Solar Springs - does dancing and singing in the car on the Hume Hwy count as cardio? And that custard tart you caught me eating in town was delicious!

Here are photos from my week of drawing while relaxing.

Tangling in the quiet room

Posing (?) for the camera  on a morning bush walk

Have a great week everybody. If you drop by, leave a comment and say hi.


Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

thank you for your story in the health retrait, I think it was a nice experience.Fine that you are feeling good, and you have had some time for yourself. We all need that.
The drawings you have made are nice and you have made an origninal work of the challenge of this week!
I like also that funny picture from you in "the bush"

Lorna said...

Lovely work. I love the planets and the happy orange with them

Anne's tangle blog said...

I do like those globes and the background! Glad you had such a great time.

HeidiSue said...

wow you've been busy. The string thing tile looks just like a garden,, ready for planting. So pretty.