Friday, 4 March 2016

IAST #134

This week's IAST challenge features Tangles that are all new to me, which is completely normal for my experience with IAST challenges and why I like to do them.

I have gone out of my usual style and process with this challenge. For a start, I decided to practice the tangles first before I attempted the challenge. Here's my practice page.

Once I drew Sati in the biggest circular space, it reminded me of the patterns I've seen on Moroccan and Turkish ceramics. This lead me to turn the string upside down and make the circle into a vase. When I practiced Tamisolo it reminded me of the way some of my succulents are growing.

Here's my tile and my inspirations. The tile looks so much better in my head but I am feeling pleased that I experimented and tried a new approach. 

Thanks for visiting.

Miss L

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Adele Bruno said...

It was especially nice to walk through the creative process with you and to see your inspirations - beautiful colors.