Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Diva #258 - Use My Tangle

This week's Diva challenge invited us to use the Tangle Rautyflex. I don't think this is one I will use again. My preference is to choose Tangles that are organic or free-flowing and this one is neither. Plus I still can't 'see' the Tangle.  I spent some time working on it last night and it ended up being my husband who explained the step-outs to me. 

What I should do is add to my list of Tangles that I want to practice when I next work with Shelly Beauchamp later this year. What I should also do is let Shelly know that I'm planning on seeing her again ......

Anyway, here's my first tile. I added Heartstrings, Catkin and Tipple. The tile is meant to look like a door into a garden. That was not my intention when I started but that's the direction it moved in once I added Heartstrings. 

I created my second tile this afternoon. I used 'Nzeppel inside Rautyflex, then added 'Dillo and Ansu with a hint of Knightbridge.

'Nzeppel in real life

Here's a photo I took on the weekend of a rock shelf near Husskison, Jervis Bay. Don't you think it looks like 'Nzeppel?

When it a cold not a cold?

Last week in my blog I mentioned that my cold had come back. Well, turns out that it wasn't a cold, it was asthma that had gotten out of control. 

I was diagnosed with asthma nearly 20 years ago. It's something I live with and manage without much thought. Bad times for it is spring but not this year. No, this time it was during an extended heat wave (which shows no sign of ending!). At least I could fight this without much effort and with fairly quick results. The quick results were a blessing as the Husband and I did a very, very Canberra thing which was to "go down the coast" for the weekend.

Husskison again

The Husband and I stayed at the same beach shack that Moo and I discovered earlier this year. The weather was hot but not too hot, the water was clean, clear and inviting, and the beaches were endless.

Here's me showing how happy I am to be back at the beach. 

Weekends away are not just about the food, the beach, the sand, the peace but about finding cute critters. Or is that just me? Here's a little Eastern Water Dragon just sitting in the sun. This one was only about 15cm long. They can get much bigger - up to 80cm.

Have a great week, wherever you are.

Miss L


Anne's tangle blog said...

Lovely tiles and photo's. Thank you for sharing.

Ria Matheussen said...

I like both of your tiles, the first one really looks like a door to a garden but my favorite is the second one. The black Rautiflex is beautifull surrounded by brown tangles. I can see the Rautiflex tangle very good. Nice composition.
P.S. I like your blog, your pictures and I also like critters when they are harmless and small!

Jean Chaney said...

You did very well with this, a bit complicated, tangle. Lucky you to go to the beach. I hope your asthma is under control quickly.

Anonymous said...

Whenever we go somewhere warm, I am on the lookout for lizards, I just love them, so I just love your picture too. And I love beinf on the beach, by the sea, in the warm, so my envy levels rose dramatically when I read your post. and then I looked at you Challenge tile and they went off the scale. Thanks for sharing, she said, sulkily.

Simone said...

Very nice variations of Rautyflex!
And the N`zeppel tile is yust amazing!!

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Both are very lovely! I like your door into the garden! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

Shelly Beauch said...

Superb photo of the lizard, great tangling, I feel the same way when I go to the beach too!
See you in July!

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Great job with this week's challenge, your second looks like stained glass leading. Love the pictures of the lovely Husskison, Jervis Bay area, jealous of your warm weather and surf!