Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back to Basics - Mooka

This weekend I have playing around with an old Tangle that many people use - Mooka.

This is a Tangle that I've seen used confidently and creatively in so many of the blogs I follow as well as in the various Zentangle books that I own. However, I'm not confident in using it myself.

So, instead of learning a new Tangle or practicing some of the Tangles I've learnt in challenges (I and the Diva and It's a string thing) I thought I'd concentrate on this one.

The instructions on come with both a step out and a short video by Rick and Maria. I highly recommend watching their videos. For one, the videos show you the Tangles as they are being draw. And two, you get to listen to both Rick and Maria. Listening to them is a Zen experience in itself.

And don't you feel warm and fuzzy seeing their great love for each other? This even comes across in their photos. 

Anyway ....

I watched the video, looked at the step out and paid close attention to their examples. Here's what I came up. The composition of each tile is based on examples provided by Rick and Maria. 

The first tile is really, really simple. Nothing fancy. Just getting the lines and spaces in the right places.

The next tile is about tile number 4. It took me a few goes to get the overlapping working as well as the rounded ends looking consistent. I've added 4Fun and a touch of Zinger.

Another tile, this time a more open version with a touch of Tipple.

And finally, something completely different. This tile was created using one continuous line. I did take my pen off to adjust the tile but I put it back where I left off. For some reason, this image reminds me of Crusty the Clown from the Simpsons. I don't watch or like the Simpsons but their images have pervaded Western culture.  So, here's Mooka Crusty.

Have a great week. Comments are most welcome.

Miss L

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HeidiSue said...

Oh! these are all just wonderful. I love the third one, so airy and open, but that last one, the weaving over and under...neato!