Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Diva #260 - Shattuck monotangle

This week's Diva challenge.

It's a lovely thing to have a couple of hours to sit and draw mid-week. I've been sitting at my desk. Arthur the kitten is asleep on the spare bed but ready for pats whenever I feel inclined. Music is playing in the background. Autumn has arrived so the evening is cool evenings while the during day we had a perfect, still, blue, moderately warm day. 

My first tile used string 077.

I tried to do something fancy with the middle section of this next tile. It was a bad, bad fail so I cut it out and filled the space with some patterned paper.

The final tile is influenced by one of the tiles I looked at on the Diva's site this evening. Can't recall whose tile though.

Zentangle in the mail

Last week I got a few nice things in the mail. I got some Sakura Gelly roll pens in lovely metallics and some in black. I also replenished my stock of Sakura 01 pens and Zentangle Tiles. Best of all was my new tile mobile.

You might have seen it on the Zentangle website? I've got it hanging above my desk in the study, which is the place where I do most of my drawing. 

Not content to fill it with tiles I've created in the past, I set about madly creating new ones. My past tiles are all neatly stored in folders and .... and  .... there are all these new Tangles I've been meaning to try and.... and ... I've been learning so much lately ..... You get the idea.

The product description says it holds 12 tiles. However, the gripper thingys are strong and will hold two tiles, giving the mobile a capacity of 24 tiles. For the moment mine is holding mostly blank tiles but not for long.

Zentangle on my Phone and iPad

Have you downloaded the Zentangle Mosaic App? Zentangle HQ told us about it in their latest newsletter.

The App is easy to use and is filled with lots of lovely artworks to look at. It works on both my iPhone and iPad, although I don't think it has been designed for iPads? Anyhow, it works on both my devices and I prefer to use the larger screen of my iPad.

I must admit to feeling a bit down about my own drawing skills when viewing the marvellous work on the App. However, at this early stage I think most of the tiles have been submitted by CZTs who one would think have better than average Zentangle drawing skills.

Today I tried uploading my own tiles. This was surprisingly easy to do.

My verdict of this new App? Five stars.

Zentangle in Colour

We've all seen lots and lots of colouring in books for adults. You've probably seen a few Zentangle ones or ones the use the Zentangle name.

I always think I'll enjoy colouring in but I find I'd rather create my own work than use someone else's. Is that just me? 

I came across one recently called 'Tangled Treasures" by Jane Monk. This is the first adult colouring in book that I have stuck with and enjoyed using. I've been using it to get ideas for combining Tangles and for new ways to draw some old favourites.

Here's one of my pages. 

If you drop by, say hi in the comments.

Have a great week.

Miss L


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Very pretty work!

Lorna said...

Hi! i love the foreground/background Shattuck study!

Ria Matheussen said...

Very funny to read autumn has started, here, in Belgium the springtime arrived!
The patterned paper behind the border of Shattuck gives a nice result, I like that tile the most.
Your page with the colours is also very pretty!!!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

If autumn has just started, you must live in the southern hemisphere. I love how Zentangle unites us all over the world, especially this morning when I awoke to the discordant news of the Belgium attacks. Your Shattuck tiles are soothing and I appreciate how you made lemonade from lemons with the tile where you replaced what you didn't like with something you did. Cheers.

Ilse said...

Nice Shattucks!

Jean Chaney said...

I never noticed that mobile before on the Zentangle site. It's awesome! Your Shattuck are all nice and my favorite is actually the one that has the paper behind it. So many possibilities with that idea!

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Lovely work, I like your Renaissance Shattuck with the pencilled Shattuck in the background. The app is awesome, I downloaded it too. It is a lovely feeling getting parcels in the post even if you did order things yourself.

Maggibee said...

Firstly, I really need one of those mobiles. Secondly, I too prefer to draw my own piece and then colour it, although I have used some of the Ben Kwok downloads from Ornation Creation in the past. And thirdly, i really, really like your shattuck tiles.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Hm, autumn, here in The Netherlands, spring has just arrived. You did a great job with this challenge!
I did download the app, nut just the free one. I'll wait until the Dutch version is available and then take the 'paid' one.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Wonderful pieces! Especially I like your third Shattuck tile!

Jennifer Sparrow said...

Spring and autumn--what a wonderful wealth in our community of tanglers! Beautiful tiles. I'm enjoying the app, too. Makes it so easy to appreciate everyone's work in one convenient place. Will definitely check out the mobile!