Friday, 22 January 2016

IAST #128 - Paradox and Hypnotic

This week's IAST features a Tangle I've been using for a long time - Paradox - and one that is new to me - Hypnotic.

Today I completed 3 tiles for this challenge. The weather here today suits drawing. It is far too hot to be outside. Even with the air con going, it was still hot, sticky and unpleasant. Just the sort of day to either do nothing, watch lots of TV or draw. I did a bit of all three.

Here's my first tile. I decided to use a black tile and keep it minimalistic.

And my next adds a touch of colour and a touch of Knightsbridge.

My final tile is my favourite. I think I've managed to achieve a 3D effect without too much shading.

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Miss L

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