Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Diva #251 - Moebius Syndrome

This week's Diva challenge is about recognising people connected to Moebius Syndrome. The challenge was to use the MSAD logo as our string and to feature the colour purple.

The Diva provided a downloadable string to use. I chose to draw mine instead as a challenge to myself.

In her blog, the Diva mentions the weather she is experiencing in Canada - minus 35 to 40 degrees C. I cannot imagine being that cold and I cannot imagine how people go about their daily lives in those temperatures. 

For instance, how do you go to the Mall? What do you do with all your outer layers while you shop? What keeps your car from freezing? How do you stay safe on roads that surely must be covered in ice? And what do children do during break times at school? 

The weather in Canberra could not be further from Canada's. Here we are getting 30 degree plus days where it is too hot do much outside. No clouds, no wind, just baking sun. 

I've been swimming laps in the morning (got up to 1.8km yesterday) and walking with the Husband and the dog in the late evenings. During the day I'm still doing the big clean and chuck, watching trash TV (thank you Netflix and Apple TV), playing with the cats, and drawing. 

Anyway ...

Here's my first tile. It is a Monotangle of Printemps.

And my next continues with Printemps and adds a background of Emingle. The file in Printemps and the lines in Emingle have been done in purple pen, although it doesn't look like it.

My final tile features Tipple, Ahh, Diva Dance and Tripoli with a background of Keeko. The moebius strip is all in purple pen.

Keeping track of Tangles

Last week I asked fellow Tanglers how they keep track of the Tangles they know. Thanks for all the comments. It seems we all struggle with this task.

At the moment I'm trialling a new method, which coincides with the release of Tangle Guide 2016, by Linda Farmer at TanglePatterns.com.

All I've done is printed the booklet and highlighted all the Tangles I think I know. I can then flip through the book to see what Tangles I've used. I keep the booklet in a soft folder with plastic sleeves.

I used the book to create a tile using random Tangles. My kids gave me letters to use and I went from there.  

Here's the tile I ended up with. It uses W2, Huggins, Flux and Florz. The string is #184.

A moment of indulgence

Regular readers of my blog know that I love animals and that I've recently welcomed a new kitten to our family.

Here's a sign we've put on the toilet door. 

If let loose in the toilet, Arthur will drag the whole roll of toilet paper off and play in it. But he only does this in the kids' toilet and not in our ensuite. Who knows why.

Happy Tangling.

Miss L


The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

How clever to draw your own Moebious logo, I started to do that but gave up and printed it out. Great tiles. Clever use of Florz, w2 and Huggins and I love your little kitten no go sign. Great blog post, I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the cat knows who will tolerate what and is not stupid!
Secondly, a wow on the tiles, all of them.
And thirdly, thank you for reminding me of Emingle, which I haven't used for ages and which I will enjoy re-learning.

Jean Chaney said...

Great tiles. You are very talented to be able to draw your own mobius. Don't you just love a new kitty in the house? Ours is already 5 and still gets into mischief LOL!

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

All are very lovely! Especially I like the second one!

Dorita Menconi said...

Lovely tiles!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your Moebius tiles are beautiful, but the other one is my favorite; it's sooooo elegant and organic. Your sign for the cat and the word with it made me smile, I LOVE cats, even if they're naughty. No, not even, especially :-)

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Beautiful set of challenge tiles and the other is lovely too. Cute little baby in the house!

Michele Wynne said...

Those are all so lovely!

trixie04 said...

Beautyful tiles. I love the second one. Emingle looks so wonderful as a background and the shading and the use of colour is just great.

Kylie D said...

Printemps is one of my favourites and it looks fantastic in both of these and Keeko makes an interesting background. I'm in Adelaide and it's been HOT here too and today everyone is complaining about the unusually humid weather. Great to see your tiles.

LezliB said...

Beautiful tiles, all of them!