Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Diva #250 - Back to Basics

This week's challenge from the Diva is about going back to the basics of Zentangle. A white tile, black pen, shading, and paying attention to the process and not the outcome.

The challenge is quite timely. If you read my blog last week you'd know that I've been struggling with too much information, too many Tangles, too many ideas.

This morning I have the house to myself. The Husband is at work, Moo is also at work, while BoyBoy is still asleep - he is a teenager and he loves his sleep!

For my first tile I started with one of the first strings I learnt - the basic Z - and a couple of my early favourite Tangles - Crescent Moon, Holibaugh and Flux. I then went a stylish by adding Zinger to link the Holibaugh.

My next tile was more random and unplanned. I used favourite Tangles - Knightsbridge, Shattuck, Verdigogh and too much Printemps. Have to remind myself that less is more.

My final tile this morning took me right back to basics by using my Zentangle Starter Kit and the dice in it to select the Tangles. The string also came from the book in this kit. Tangles are: Purk, Scoodle, Bales and Mist.

I think I achieved the Diva's objective this morning. I did focus on the process and kept to the origins of Zentangle. A key indicator of this is that I let two cups of tea grow cold as I was so engrossed in my drawing.

My last image for this morning is inspired by a post by the Yorkshire Tortoise. She posted an image of her work space. Here's mine, complete with half-drunk cold tea. What is missing is the sound track. This morning I listened to Garret Kato then Pete Murray. 

Garret was the support act for Pete Murray recently. Both play acoustic guitar. Smooth, chilled out music to help keep out distracting noise and thoughts.

New features of my blog

I've been updating the design and content of my blog creating some Pages. Pages are limited to pets and travel to Lord Howe Island. Later I'll add more travel places, food pages and the Tangle that I've been working on and hope to submit to TanglePatterns soon.  I'm also regularly adding content to the pages that I've started. 


A quick note about comments this week. I love getting comments. Please keep commenting. However, I moderate all comments before posting them as I prefer to keep control over what appears on my blog. 

There's going to be a delay in moderating this week as I'm about to go down the coast with Moo for a couple of days. While there I will be having a break from the internet.

Have a good week.

Miss L


elianna987 said...

Very nice! I love how you built your hollibaugh off the Crescent Moon. Great job!
Debbie Butterfield, CZT 19

Joanne Faherty said...

Nice tangling :)and I love seeing everyone's work space, cold tea or not!;)

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Have fun at the coast and I really enjoyed all of your tiles and the picture of your work space.

Anonymous said...

Well this looks like the first comment this week and it's just to say how much I like all the work shown here. The variety of patterns and the proper Zentangle - ness of it is inspiring.

Ilse said...

Nice tiles! I especially like what you did with Crescent Moon in the first one.

Sheila Grube said...

Well I'll post this for your return to 'real' life! I so enjoyed this post and chuckled out loud to the 'less is more' comment when using printemps. Enjoy your time, and great job on all your 'basic' submissions! I'm glad you received some zen time for yourself :)

Jean Chaney said...

I love seeing people's work spaces! I like how you connected all the tangles in the first tile.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Lovely basic tiles, they have come out very well, beautifully drawn. Yes, cold tea is a very good indicator that you got into the zone:-)

Shelly Beauch said...

Crescent-moon is really eye-catching and shaded superbly. My tea goes cold also!! Glad you enjoyed your peace and quiet time.

Quinn said...

All three tiles are great!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

Is that an eraser I see in your Zentangle basic tile workspace? Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. ;-) Whether or not you used said eraser, you produced lovely tiles and it sounds like you enjoyed the process----so it's all good. :)

The Creative Miss L said...

Well spotted. It is an eraser. I use it to remove the string if it is still visible at the end and to fix shading. In other Tangles I use it to help get the string right.