Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Diva #249

This week's challenge celebrates 5 years of the Diva Challenges. Well done Laura. I admire your commitment to this art form and to the Zentangle community.

I started working on my first tile this morning. I used red as a celebration - happy 5th birthday. The idea for the layout came from a tile I saw on the Instagram page of akseona. Her work is beautiful - check it out.

My second tile is more sedate and reflects the weather here. It has been raining solidly all day today, it rained most of yesterday and we are in for more rain for the rest of the week. We desperately need the rain, so I'm feeling kind of mellow and relaxed, hence the green in the frame.

A question for Tanglers: how do you keep track of the Tangles you know?

An issue that I'm struggling with is how to keep track of the Tangles I know and am learning. How do others keep up?

I know that many of us participate in different challenges each week. I'm also assuming that most of us subscribe to the TanglePatterns updates. 

There are so many Tangles out there, how do people learn new Tangles, keep track of old and new Tangles, and then decide which Tangles to use in their non-challenge drawing?

I'm getting so overwhelmed by this at the moment that it is affecting my ability to just sit and draw. 

Below is a new Tangle for me called Eddy-per. I think I found it in a weekly TanglePatterns update but not sure.

What else is going on in the world of Miss L

  • Helping Moo purchase her new double bed from IKEA, and the reorganising the study to accomodate her old single bed. BoyBoy is doing a great job of helping her build it.
  • Continuing to do a major spring clean in summer.
  • Enjoying playing with Arthur, the new kitten.
  • Enjoying Luna re-discovering the joy of play, which she lost when Dobby died a few months ago (Luna, Dobby and Arthur are all cats and all named after Harry Potter characters).
  • Continuing to watch old seasons of The Good Wife
  • Continuing to watch Longmire on Netflix with the Husband and BoyBoy.
  • Enjoying catching up with friends.
  • Trying to get back into the habit of Tangling each day.
  • Trying to get back into the habit of exercising regularly.
  • Listing to music that I got for Christmas while I draw and clean.
Have a great week.

Miss L


Anne's tangle blog said...

I love both tiles! About tangles: I do know what you are saying and have no idea how to do that. Sometimes I draw a new tangle I like in a little booklet, but lots of time I don't do that. When I'm tangling, I just look at tiles I did in the past (I always glue them in a notebook).

Anja said...

Love it! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I used to try and keep track, although Ihave lapsed more recently. However, I do keep a box where I have tried a new pattern on a tile of its own, named and dated it and every now and then I go back to the box, rifle through the cards and "remember" something I haven't done for a while.

Jean Chaney said...

Lovely tiles. Yes, Akseona does absolutely beautiful work. Instagram is a great place for inspiration. To make selecting tangles easier when I first started, I made a set of index cards where I drew my favorites with the step-outs on the back. I just added to it as I found more favorites. Then, you can just shuffle them and choose a few for a tile.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Both tile are very lovely!

The Creative Miss L said...

I like your idea of the index cards and then using them to randomly pick Tangles. Maybe I could use my stack of unused Bijou tiles for that.

The Creative Miss L said...

I used to keep a notebook of Tangles when I first started but this got out of hand when my collection grew.

Ilse said...

Beautiful work!
I have an Evernote account where I save all patterns I like (there are a lot...!). When tangling, I go through those patterns to see which ones I like to use. New ones are added after I've tried and liked them.

Simone said...

lovely tiles!
Concerning the tangles I understand your problem: I have the same!
I have some notebooks where I collect all tangles which I have used and which I like. But I can hardly remember them without my notebook...

Melkota said...

Star looks great in a frame!

Quinn said...

Both tiles are great! Love the diva dance in the first and the auraknot in the second :)
I only "know" a few tangles...at least by name. There are just too many! My go to is my Pinterest tangle pattern board. It's got nearly 800 step outs now and I just scroll it on my phone or laptop when I need inspiration.
...And there's always tanglepatterns.com which I reference a lot if I see a pattern and need the step outs.

Sue Sharp said...

Love the way you've framed your Auraknots using a bit of colour and Diva Dance.

Lily M. said...

Both tiles are very nice! :)