Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A return to tangle challenges

It's been a few weeks since I've posted on my blog or completed any Zentangle Challenges. I have been doing some drawing but nothing worth showing online. I also been commenting on other blogs although I do visit from time to time.

I guess I'm having another period where my Zentangle mojo falls. Experience tells me that I'll get it back.

Spring is here in SE Australia so the bloom trees are in full flower and spring bulbs are filling the air with scent. It was even warm enough for me to wear shorts for the first time in months. But the Snowy Mountains have been in blizzard conditions on and off for the past two weeks. It's the best ski season in over 15 years. Naturally we are going down again this weekend, our 4th (and last) ski day for the season. 

Diva #332 - square strings

I got my inspiration for this tile from a tile I've appreciated in the Zentangle Mosaic App. The original tile was posted by Arva in Germany in April this year.

Made by Joey

Joey's challenge is to continue to create a mosaic. I haven't been keeping up with this but challenged myself to get up-to-date today. Not sure that was wise as I can see where I was getting tired and sloppy. Here's my tile and my partial mosaic anyway.

Unlike Joey, I'm creating my tiles as individual tiles then seeing how they all fit later. It will be interesting to see the outcome of everyone's work.


As regular visitors would know, I've gone a bit crazy for skiing this season. I'm thoroughly enjoying the time with my husband and son, and the new strength and fitness I have in my body.

Last trip was only 10 days ago. We skied from 8.30am to 3.30pm with only one 20 minute break. Any sitting down during the day was on chair lifts. We did 27 runs, travelling nearly 25km downhill. Most of the runs were intermediate and we got to take BoyBoy on parts of the mountain we used to ski on before he was born. At the end of the day BoyBoy (who does NO exercise whatsoever) had enough energy left for a snow ball fight with me. I gave as I good as I got, while The Husband tried to be invisible. 

That was to be our last trip but a major blizzard arrived the next day, lasted several days and laid over 1.2 m of new snow over the resorts. We are going back this weekend. 

Here's my beautiful BoyBoy at the bottom of Pretty Valley. Snow is so deep that the lifts are having to be dug out.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by,

Miss L


Ilse said...

That's a beautiful Diva tile - and I love to see how your Joey-challenge is developping!

Cathy said...

Awesome work! I love that purple gemstone. It is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the Diva tile! All your tiles are wonderful.

Suzanne Fluhr said...

This "reversed" seasons thing feels strange as we are saying good-bye to summer and getting ready to welcome fall.Very nice Diva Challenge tile. Nice compositio, nice depth and nice color!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Maybe little 'zentangle feeling' at the moment but ... that Diva tile is absolutely gorgeous. Have fun this coming weekend and take care.

Lily M. said...

Beautiful tiles!

Ria Matheussen said...

I think every one has some times when we are not complete satisfied about our results but don't worry Karen, your Diva's tile looks wonderful with that beautiful integrated gemstone. It is a very orignal and relaxed way to draw the tiles as individuals. I struggled a bit with this one...I like the way how you have drawn Muscari morfing into Printemps! A great pic of your son!!!

Jean Chaney said...

Nice pieces. I especially love your gemstone! So beautiful!

Michele Wynne said...

I love that Diva tile and your ensemble is gorgeous 😉

~ joey ~ said...

Thanks so much for sharing your challenge, even if weren't intending to do so I think the 9 tiles are blending together nicely!
Gorgeous Diva too!
~ joey ~