Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tangle challenges

Another good week with lots of interesting things happening. Last Thursday I went on an out door ed trip. Photos and story below. Saturday night The Husband and I went out to see one of my all time favourite artists - Pete Murray. 

Pete Murray is a rock guitarist. His lyrics are often highly personal and moving. I listen to him often when I draw and when I'm at work and need to concentrate. His music is also good singalong material. 

Saturday night's concert was the best I've seen and heard him perform. Brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. A highlight was when Pete puts the lights down, only on him, and had the audience singing with him. A simple, heart-felt chorus followed by lots of na na, na na na na na etc (which is part of the song). Truly beautiful moment.

Diva #330 - Tangle Plates

Lucky I bought some blue pens recently. They suited this challenge perfectly. I think there was a reference to Delft ware last week or the week before? Anyway, I took my inspiration from Delft.

Here's my 'tile'. Like Jeanette, I included Shattuck on each tile.

Made by Joey

This is a sequence of challenges that will form a mosaic. Here's my tile.

Other drawing

There's an art competition for students at my school. The theme is Time. I've chosen to enter. I've created an Opus tile in a spiral shape to represent a time vortex. Later when it's dry, I'll add a little Tardis from Dr Who as well. (Dr Who is a long running BBC series featuring a central character, Dr Who, who is a time lord). My second entry is only partially completed. Here's my Opus tile: Time Vortex 1

Outdoor Education

Last week I got to be a supervising teacher on a day trip to Wee Jasper Caves. Had a fantastic day. Started the day off with abseiling. I have abseiled in the past so headed straight for the longer of the two abseils. The one pictured is about 20 to 25m high. I did it twice. Loved it, loved it. Also did the 12m abseil followed by rock climbing back up. Hated the climb - it scared me far more than either abseil - but did it anyway.

This photo is of one of the students, just after I'd completed my first abseil.

After lunch my group of students went caving. This was adventure caving - mud, dirt, ropes, headlamps only, tight squeezes, rock climbing, sliding on your back to get through small tunnels. I was pretty scared - ok, terrified - for much of it but did enjoy the experience overall.  

Speaking of 'overall(s)', here's me and my white overalls after I got out of the cave. 

The students were fantastic - supportive of each other and encouraging me when I was feeling vulnerable.

Great day. Love being fit and strong enough to do these things.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. 

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Wonderful that you have got some fantastic experiences in Australia's wild outdoor!!! The pictures look great.
I'm fond of your "spiralation" Opus-tile. Your other work is beautiful too, with these blue colors and nice drawn tangles. After an interesting start for Joey, you show a lovely second part! A very pleasant and surprising challenge, isn't it?

trudi said...

Neat delft tiles and part two of Joey's! Nice vortex, did you hear the rumor the next Dr Who is going to be female? I always hate the new doctor and miss the old one for half a year at least.

Jean Chaney said...

Oh my, what an adventure! I had to look up abseiling since I'd never heard the term before. Probably because I would never do it, LOL! Your mosaic is lovely in the blues, and that Opus is super with its spiral.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Thanks for sharing those photo's of the great abseil adventure. I like your challenge plate!

Donald Wilka said...

Like your plates. Like your choice of patterns. I did not include Shattuck in my "broken plate" which is a little surprising as it is one that I use a lot. Looks like your outdoor experience was also a challenge but probably quite interesting.

Michele Wynne said...

Thanks for sharing your most excellent adventures 😉 I love the plates!!!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

Like Jean Chaney, I'll have to look up abseiling, but if it has something to do with jumping off or rappelling down a cliff, I probably won't try it. I'm afraid claustrophobia would mean cave exploration would also be out. OK. Now that I'm feeling like a total wimp, I do like the way you introduced blues into your plate mosaic tiles. That and your choice and execution of tangles make your mosaic a very pleasing composition. I also really like your opus spiral. I've never worked on an opus tile. It's time.

Annette P. said...

Wonderful post! Your "plate" is fantastic!

Jeanette said...

You had quite a week! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I'm so happy you enjoyed my challenge! I love all your work, but the Delft plates are really lovely.