Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tangle challenges and other good things

Life is pretty fine at the moment. Work is wonderful. Love my students, love the opportunities to be a leader in my workplace and love the friendships I'm building. 

Our bathroom renovations are done. Very, very pleased with the work. Very, very pleased to have two functioning bathrooms again.

Everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying life. Even the dog is happy as I'm taking him out walking more often. (Walking the dog is normally what the Husband does but his working hours have been long so Milo hasn't been getting as many walks.)

Diva challenge #329 - Fragment D-1

I had a real Zen period as I was drawing this tile. Had some good music on and I was totally absorbed in the tile. Who needs to meditate when you can Tangle?

I did my next tile later in the day. Just as Zen.

Made by Joey

This is first of a 9 part ensemble project. Our first tile had to feature Africa Artist. This will be an interesting series I think.

Other drawing

I've been doing lots over the last few weeks. Here's just two. The first is another Opus tile with Zen Gems. This time I used less shading and shaded as I went to see if that made it possible to finish the tile within a reasonable time ie before I got bored. It worked. 

The tile is heavily influenced by a tile made by Shelly Beauchamp which she posted on the Zentangle App. I had it up on my iPad as I drew.

The second tile I'm showing is a Dingbatz style tile. This style is something that has come up on the App in the Kitchen Table Tangle series.

Ski season - yay!

It's peak ski season here. I live a good few hours drive away so it takes a bit of effort and organisation to get there. We drive part way there the night before, ski all day then drive all the way home. 

We went skiing again last weekend. The weather was terrible. Rain, snow, high winds, low visibility. Within just two hours of skiing we were wet. After four hours of skiing we were freezing, tired and thoroughly wet. Ski gear is great but cannot withstand hours of rain. The rain did stop for a while but then it snowed. The snow was OK except when the winds blasted it into our faces. Four hours in and we had to stop.

For the first time we got the GoPro to work properly. Below are some stills from it taken while I was wearing it. You can see that visibility was terrible. Poor visibility makes skiing dangerous as you can't see the shape of the snow. 

The second photo is BoyBoy (18) and on the left and the Husband (50) on the right taking our first break of the day, two hours into our ski. 

Highlights of the day were the joy of being on the slopes with my two favourite men. So, so special to share this love of skiing with these guys. We tackled a number of intermediate runs and some easier runs that we new to us. Great day. Pity the weather was so bad but it is peak snow season in the alps. Got to have bad weather sometimes. 

The place we ski'd was where I first learnt to ski over 30 years ago. It holds a special place, especially since those are the slopes where BoyBoy learnt to ski last year. 

I found myself getting quite emotional rewatching the video. I love my son and husband. I love spending this time with them. I truly, deeply love the place I was skiing in. And I'm so damn proud of myself for being able to do this. Breast cancer survivor of 10.5 years and counting. Yay me.

That's all for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for your comments, thoughts and prayers. 

Miss L


michele said...

oh my...your challenges are lovely and the Opus is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the next 9 weeks of Joey's challenges. I've never done an ensemble before.

trudi said...

Great tiles this week and congratulations on the second bathroom once again! It's so funny I grew up in a 6 person 1 bathroom house I haven't a clue how we managed that! I love having several bathrooms 😀🙄

Susie said...

You've got a wonderful gallery of zentangle tiles on this page, but best I like is the afterthought tile...the later in the day one. I bet you are going to see many more bathroom renovations in the future, so 2 bathrooms and counting...

Jean Chaney said...

Your tangles are lovely, but I was so touched by your comments about your husband and son. Sometimes life really has to kick us big time to get us to fully appreciate the gifts we have. Good for you!

Duane Anderson, BA CZT (971-235-6672) said...

Your tiles are great. I love the flowers in the second tile that look like perfect bows.

HeidiSue said...

Oh gosh, these are inspirational! I love how you let Shelly Beauch's style guide you and WOW! did you ever make something special! Love it!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, the Diva tiles are both beautiful and ... very different. It's great to have a period of feeling so happy as you do now. Enjoy every second of it!
Skying is something I never did and it looks soooooooooo cold :-)

Annette P. said...

Wonderful work to see here! I like them all but your Opus tile is a piece of art!

Shelly Beauch said...

Happy days, happy tiles, and happy you......by the look of your joyful art :)

~ joey ~ said...

A lovely collection of tiles and challenges and such positive and inspiring words! xo