Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tangle challenges

Not too much drawing happening lately. I've been busy gardening,  or rather shifting 2 cubic metres of mulch from the driveway so I can get my car in and out of the garage.  Finishing up tidying up the garage. And lots of school work. I'm teaching units that I've never taught before so it means I need to do more reading and planning than usual. 

Diva #314 - Scallamps

This is a new tangle for me. It does fit into my style of drawing. The tile below is one I started on the weekend, before the Diva released her challenge. I thought Scallamps fitted in nicely.

My 'tile' (A4 card) includes: Mooka, Rixty, Ellish and Scallamps with a little Crescent Moon and Tipple in the middle.

I'm finding that I rarely use the traditional Zentangle tiles these days. I'm more likely to use an Opus tile or some A4 artist's acrylic paper. I'm also very rarely using strings.

Here's my tile.

Made by Joey

This week is the letter R. Looking forward to getting off the alphabet and out of this hand made journal. The paper today decided to stretch and thin when I added a small amount of mist spray. Ahhhhh!

The tangles were simply Rysa, Rixty and Rain Dotty.

Other drawing

I've been playing around with Crazy Huggins recently, after working out how to control it. I now complete each segment before drawing the dots for the next.

This A4 'tile' includes: Huggins, Crazy Huggins, Rixty and Mooka, with Knightsbridge, Flux, Flukes Bubbles and Printemps inside some of the Crazy Huggins.


A new personal best: I'm pushing 60kg on the sled. Legend!

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Wow Karen, you did a great job this week. I like the three results but the first one with Scallamps is really special with a beautiful compositon and my favorite for this week!
Congrats for your 60 kg, I know how hard it can be to loose a few pounds!

Susie Ng said...

I fully agree, your Scallamp does fit perfectly into your 'in the works composition'. The tile is just amazing. I also admire you for daring Crazy Huggins on A4! Having said that, you definitely got the tangle to perfection and in the end the choice of what tangle to use to fill the segments must have given you a bigger headache. You ARE The Creative Miss L. Well done!

Lorna said...

Super productive! So many fun tangles playing together.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, I love the way you did Scallamps!!! Beautiful tile.

Michele Wynne said...

Gorgeous work! That first piece is really outstanding 😍

Anja said...

Beautiful work! Love them all! My favorite is your Diva's tile!

trudi said...

Great R and Diva Challenge but my fav was the Huggins :)

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Beautiful work all of it!

Sarah Uram CZT said...

I love how Scallamp fit so nicely into your tile! Like a wreath! Thanks for trying it out, I am glad you enjoyed it :D

Jean Chaney said...

I do like how you incorporated Scallamps into your lovely design!