Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tangle challenges

The last couple of weeks I've commented about how I've been struggling with motivation for drawing and for participating in challenges. Thanks for all the encouragement I've received and the 'me too's from other Tanglers. Your words and thoughts have made a difference.

Diva #309 - Noom

I did my first tile this morning before looking at anyone else's work, which is unusual for me. I usually have a browse before drawing. My tile is Noom with a touch of Poke Leaf. These Pokes are inspired by some work I saw on the Zentangle App and are much softer and longer stemmed than I usually draw them.

I worked on a second tile after checking out the work of some other Tanglers. Does anyone recognise their work in this tile of mine? I've added Fracas, which always works nicely on a brown tile.

After seeing this image on screen, I've added more shading and highlights. I wanted the Fracas to appear to be deeper in the tile. 

Made by Joey

This week the feature Tangle was Mi2. I remember seeing this one in my first Zentangle book a couple of years ago and not being able to understand it. My reaction on seeing it in this week's challenge was to think that I couldn't do it. However, much has changed in the 3 years that I've been Tangling. That shouldn't be a surprise but it was. Here's my Monotangle.

Other drawing

I'm continuing to experiment with abstract shapes and colour. This week my shapes were inspired by the cut outs of Henri Matisse. Tangles used include my MacNCheese Tangles of Mooka and Tripoli, as well as Aquafleur, B'tweed and my first attempts at Noom. 


Canberra likes to call itself the Bush Capital. It is a name that suits. This morning on my way home from the gym (a 2 minute drive) I had to give way to 4 kangaroos who were just mooching across the road near the top of my street. People around here a used to having to do this.

My school is now the home of 3 possums - 2 adults and a joey. My school has over 1,700 students and well over 100 staff. It's a busy place, yet this family have decided they like it. Here's photo I took recently. The tree is near one of the busier school gates. The animals were low enough for me to reach up and touch them. I didn't but I was sooooo tempted. 

Finally, here's Arthur not getting enough cuddles while I'm trying to complete today's tiles.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Lovely pic of those kangaroo's. I can't imagine what it is to see them in the wild in your own neighbourhood. It must be fantastic and so is your big Zia, so beautiful drawn.
I think it is normal that on some days you have more fun in tangling than on others. There is nothing wrong with that. I just wanna say you have a lot of talent and I like your tiles.

trudi said...

Wow the difference in your noom with the shading is remarkable! I know shading makes a big difference but seeing your Tangles side by side sure brings it home. I love your M too, I hadn't used MI2 much and really like it.

Ilse said...

Great Noom's ;-) and a lovely entry for Joey's challenge!

Jean Chaney said...

Your Noom tangles are very nice, but I really loved the Poke Leaf waving about on their longer stems! Adorable photo of the 3 possums and your sweetie, Arthur!

Gudrun S. said...

Wonderful tiles :-)

Anonymous said...

So many lovely pieces of work. I really love tose Pokeleaves, as if growing up through a ploughed field.

michele said...

I absolutely love your Noom with the Pokeleaf-such an elegant combo. All of your other work is truly lovely;-) Last weeks Mac 'n Cheese challenge (and the Zentangle Newsletter that inspired it) really helped me put a lot of my motivational setbacks into perspective by realizing I don't have to do everything and if creating a bunch of Mooka/Crescent Moon/Sandswirl tiles makes me happy, then so be it;-)

Anne's tangle blog said...

I do like this different and softer Pokeleaf. The whole tile is beautiful.
Great to have all that wildlife in the neighborhood!

Joey said...

You always live up to your name! :o) Beautiful tiles to admire and I learn new tangles as well!
Possums came up the other day when my kids were talking, now I can show them your photo! Very cool to have them so close!
~ joey ~

Heike said...

Beautiful tiles, my favourite is the first one! I love the soft and easy look of it!

Susan Theron said...

Lovely tiles. I love your tile with Fracas a lot.